And Today On "How You Found My Blog"

You there, in Sunderland (England)... Sorry, you won't find your "nans with big tits" here.
But hi anyway! hehehe sad sad man. I suppose at 12.53am there isn't much else to do eh?

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4 Responses to “And Today On "How You Found My Blog"”

Anonymous said...

Oh God! 'Nans with big tits'. Whoever that is, they need help :(
How'd you find that out?

Alan said...

Just remember Dan, that in order for him to find "nans with big tits" it had to be on your blog somewhere... otherwise google wouldn't have sent him here.



Daddy Cool said...

ha ha. hopefully he found what he was looking for eventually.

Dan said...

Alan Alan Alan... Just because that phrase pointed him to my blog, doesn't mean that phrase is on my blog - it just means those words are all on there somewhere.

So ner ;)