As the title suggests, I'm bored. I mean, I am sitting here looking at my game list with a "meh" attitude for starters - Half Life 2, World of Warcraft, Sim City something-thousand, EvE Online Demo, Unreal Tournament 2000-something... Can't be arsed. My PBeM D&D game is slow over the weekend, so nothing to do there really. Jo is away till tomorrow night - on the bright side a text from her earlier tells me she is having a really good time - while I am bored. Jaysen is being good as gold.

I spent most of the day with Ruth and Paul, so Jaysen+Ruths Girls+Pauls Girl could just charge around. Shifted a freezer, cleaned behind a cooker (the phrase "Blergh Disgusting" doesn't come close - sorry darlin!), faffed around. So while I was entertained all day, I'm now... You got it. Bored.

Thanks for the replies on spending my cashola. Sorry Mark, you could have the worst teeth in the world - might I suggest my friend Shannon in the states, the only person I know to remove his own teeth. Oh, with a pair of needle-nosed pliers, I might add. Pay for it yourself, or I send him in.

Joansy - as ever you go waaay in depth! Let's see... Multiple Monitors - I'd love too - I have a card to do it AND a spare 19" monitor - but not the space I'm afraid. This Post shows the space around the monitor - third picture, with a Tam behind it. The post she is holding - same on the opposite side. On the brightside - having an overclocked computer running without spyware or anything nasty, on an 8mb connection - I never have to wait for webpages to load, plus I have enough RAM (2Gb) to run games, browse the web, reply to mails and listen to music all at once.

The fish-in-the-cistern, while amusing, is not something one can enjoy while sitting on the loo - I'd spend all day up there watching it, but then no one else could go pee.

USB Chiller - a handy ickle gadget, but while we might be mid-heatwave here, it'll be mid-winter in a couple of weeks. And besides, I have a "Booze Fridge" in the utility room out back. Not that my alcohol has time to get warmer than normal. Though a heating version to keep my coffee warm might be handy. Assuming they made them for the mugs I drink out of!

A handy dandy headphone beanie - being a geek, I have a pair of headphones the size of Rhode Island that I use, with pseudo-surround sound and sub woofers. Diddly little earphones don't cut it for me I'm afraid. Not to mention I have a meat head.

Lastly, a musical? Me? About the Witches from Oz? I don't do musicals, I am not a musical person. I had to sit through Grease during the week as Jo loves it - how I didn't raid the knife block I have NO idea. I cannot stand musicals. At all. Sorry Minge, I know you love them, but the limit of my musicals is very very very short. I saw Return to the Forbidden Planet live, which I loved. I've seen Rocky Horror live a couple of times, and own the DVD. I enjoy Moulin Rouge - but finish it before Wots-Her-Face dies. That about sums it up for me. The kids ones - Mary Poppins, Shitty Chitty Bang Bang, Bedknobs and Broomsticks - I remember loving them as a kid, but now, not so much. Once in a blue moon is fine.

But ta anyway :)

Karin - Jaysen is a bit of a nightmare fidget. My favorite resturant is the the Outback Steakhouse (formerly Aussie Outback) near here, but Jaysen went once and was bored as there is nothing to do. I can't do the whole Play Area places like Playtopia either. Jaysen's idea of a fun meal out is Maccy-D's. He's a very uncouth lad.

Minge - see above Wicked comments. Maybe you and Joansy should go see it ;)

I'm still at a loss as to what I want to buy. I thought about getting Jo something, but our phone call this morning when I subtly said "Anything you want - anything nice you've seen" was replied to with swearing and a "spend it on yourself".

I considered getting myself a proper kitchen knife set, I mean, full on professional stuff. Something like this - if I add a few quid to it. I've not used a proper knife in a long time, and believe me when I say, the difference between a "kitchen knife" and a "professional knife" is incredible.

Maybe I should just put £100 of credit on my mobile phone - at least I can make it through the month without relying on some stupid free online stuff when my credit is gone! I can't see me being impressed with much at all! hehe

Guess I'll go watch a DVD or something. It's only 9.20pm :(

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2 Responses to “Bored”

Anonymous said...

Outback is rebekah's Favorite place (next to goofys kitchen)

Ok another idea---
spead your 100 pounds on calling all your foreign friends

Dan said...

And use the item I fear more than even a pair of steel-toe-capped-female-boots? Pick up THE TELEPHONE and use it?

One step at a time...

*runs screaming*