Soooo, what happened last night? Well, for one, I decided I'd add to the collection of "Dan in Interesting Poses" photo series, but how did things get that bad last night? Damn you women, damn you all.

One of my friends, Emma - probably the first person I ever really spoke to in the UK about CHDs - sent me a text last night. She'd had a crappy day and was feeling all pants. And yes, pants can be used as an adjective. So anyway. We were chatting and being stupid all evening, then Jo joined in as well. Now, bear in mind, Jo loves to be mean to me, hence her latest post on her blog.

Now, Emma and me have this school-yard relationship. I prod her, she kicks me, I smack her, she punches me, and so on. Many a time we've flooded an entire email group being "mean" to one another. Anyways, last night, my hair was really pissing me off. It was hot and clammy on my neck, Emma suggested I "tie it back", and then told Jo she should do it all pretty.

So the pigtails appeared. Bear in mind, this is not the first time I've had something manly done to my hair. It's been worse. Emma decided it needed something, so the pigtails became little plaits. And from there, with Emma and Jo wetting themselves in hysterics, it got worse.

What better way to cheer someone up? So, first the head bobbly thing was added, complete with pink easter bunnies. Then the very large flower. Then some very pretty eye shadow, and some rouge on my cheeks. The icing on the cake came in the form of a Lei of Hawaiian flowers around my neck.

I feel pretty,
Oh so pretty.


And all this without a drop of alcohol. Thank goodness I didn't crack out the absinthe. All the mails I'm getting about "needing a dress"... hehe

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6 Responses to “Urgh...”

Nancy Jensen said...

Well, Dan,

You look pretty
Oh so pretty....

Too bad we can't really see the makeup. I think you should let them do it again but with more makeup so we can see it.

Emma said...

It was just such a shame nothing would dangle on your ears to really finish it off!!!
Lip gloss next time!

Emma said...

I slap you yeps, but you prod me??? and i never noticed?! that doesnt say a lot for you darling!! :)


Mark said...

A little concerned that you went from that picture of a 'Rock' to pigtails what I wonder are you trying to imply here ;)

Dan said...

But it IS a rock - if you saw anything else, that's hardly MY fault! hehehe

And you're all jealous that my hair is in such good condition!

Lip Gloss and it's ilk - hell no. I hate anything like that on my lips, doesn't matter if I have to use something for cracked lips, they stay cracked!

Gretchen said...

But where is the picture of the finished product?