-1.50am, my last post on here, the rambling "Bloggers Family Tree"
-2.00am, sort out animals, close windows, check plugs, check windows are closed, lock doors, recheck doors, get drink, head upstairs.
-2.15am, text Jo good night, check phones are on, grab a book.
-3.30am, decide "ugh" and hit the light.
-4.00am, see that it's 4am.
-5.50am, open eyes, see it's light and sunny, grab book.
-6.30am, get out of bed, shower, brush teeth, get clothes
-7.00am, sit in front of computer and start the day again.

I suppose it's a good thing I am a night owl. And that I can survive a few days on 2 hours sleep. Most nights (my "average") is 4-6 hours.

How well did you sleep last night? Wait, it's 7.15am on a Sunday - you're all still asleep.

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6 Responses to “Sleep?”

Anonymous said...

Wow, you got about as much sleep as Jessica did last night. NONE! Poor kid didn't get to sleep until after 9 this morning, slept most of the day and was not feeling well the time she was awake. She is snoozing now though... at 1:25am. And what am I doing? hehe... spamming your blog I guess.

Dan said...

Nothing new there with you spamming then ;)

And you can tell Jess from me, only feeble people need lots of sleep. It's REAL people that can get by on just a handful here and there! hehe

Nancy Jensen said...

I'm not telling Jess any such thing! I'm a wimp and need sleep so she has to sleep so I can. At least she slept during the day... I kept getting woken up by the phone or ppl coming by. speaking of which.... maybe I should go catch some zzzz's now that she is actually sleeping, right? but spamming is too fun...... sometimes. ;)

Nancy Jensen said...
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Minge said...

I don't know if I could get by on so few hours asleep... But I don't sleep many. And last night was terrible. Constant nightmares about my Mum dying and no-one telling me until after the funeral. I dream that all the time. I wake up crying.

Dan said...

Spamming is fun - especially on other peoples blogs! hehe

As for getting by, I think I am so used to it now it's a second nature to me. I've always been like it as far as I remember, and once Bethy was born, you don't sleep well in a hospital regardless of why you're in there. I think since she was born, I've become a really light sleeper - having to wake up at the drop of a hat - and it's stuck with me.

Sounds like a really crappy dream - I hate stuff like that. Just keep it in your head that it is "just" a dream, regardless of how powerful it is.