Gone is having to get up at 7am. Gone is having to iron school shirts. Gone is having to plough through homework folders, remembering water bottles, hats, breakfast, walking to-and-from school twice a day.

Gone is school for six and a half weeks!

And remember - I'm the ADULT here! hehe YAY!

The school holidays officially start today (thunderstorms forecast for later today!!), and Jaysen is officially no longer an Infant. No no, come September, he goes up to the next level of schooling, and becomes a Junior. Not sure what the US-School System uses, but over here it's something like:

  • 3-4/5: Nursery/Playgroup/Kindergarten
  • 5-7: Infants
  • 7/8-11: Juniors
  • 11-16: Seniors
  • 16+: College, Uni, Poly, 6th Form - whatever really :)
Added to all this, Jaysen received a bloody glowing school report from his teachers. Holy crap, we couldn't be more proud of the little monster, especially when you consider everything he's been through. 99% of the time we see the well adjusted, smart-ass boy that does well in school, but a lot of people forget he was there when Bethy left us. He said goodbye, he was THERE.

I know exactly why he's done so well - I can pinpoint the exact reasoning for his getting through this - his teacher, Mrs Prince. If there is a saint among us, it really is that woman. The kids LOVE her, the parents LOVE her - and she is one of these teachers that loves her work. She was there guiding them from the moment they went into Reception (the gap between Kindergarten and Infants) and has been there right up till yesterday. Most of the kids were sobbing that they don't want to leave her - Jaysen will miss her but is looking forward to the next level, as it were.

As for his report, it is graded on something like 1- Needs more effort to keep up, 2- Average level, 3- A year advanced, which in his case is the first year of Juniors. Added on these, is various levels, a, b and c. 2a is the lowest average, 2c is high average.


Aside from Public Speaking, Jaysen got straight 3c's. EVERYTHING shining like a star. He needs to "work on" his confidence speaking in front of groups, but to be honest, I can't do that to this day. As long as everything else he does kicks ass, I'm fine with a 2b in Speaking.

Ruths daughter Ashley (who is 3 months older than Jaysen and the oldest in their year) got the same grades, including the Speaking one. These two are always together, do their homework together and suchlike, so probably do well through one another helping each other. I look at the pair of them and see the two kids that grow up through everything together - fingers crossed that's the case.

So, to sum up - my son is a smart bastard.

Oh - and they are "amazed" at his skills on the computer... Easily "his strongest subject" hehehe Wonder why...

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3 Responses to “Summer!”

Alan said...

One of the reasons why I never became a teacher, (even though I was advised to do so) was not only the fact that I've have to discipline a room full of brats, but because I agree that a really good teacher makes all the difference, and sets you up for life, and I'm not sure if I could handle that sort of pressure. I've had one or two teachers that I know really set things in motion for me. It's great when that happens.

Also, it helps identify the truly awful teachers too. They are a nightmare.

Congrats to Dan's son on being a clever boy!

Minge said...

Well done, Jaysen!

Dan said...

Thank you, Thank you :)