The Weekend

I must have bumped my head as I've been seeing spots all weekend... Ugh... Tam is spotty girl still, and has a pretty good covering of spots all over. Her arms and legs are virtually clear which is odd, but her "bits" front and back are covered, her chest and back are pretty spotty, her face has quite a few, and her hair is full of them. She's more pissed off at the ones on her head and bits, but isn't itching too much.

Of course, she's going from "Cheerful Tam" to "Whingy Child From Hell", the latter of which reared it's head at 11pm Friday... And stayed reard till 6am Saturday. Jo was up with her from 11-3, when I was woken up (she was downstairs with her). 3-6 we both layed in bed while Tam cried, screamed, kicked and was generally not happy, and I gave up at 6 and got up with her so Jo could sleep (Till 11!). Fun all around.

So last night we planned an early night - right up until half eight when Jo decided to "have a quick go on the playstation". She borrowed Guitar Hero from her dad. Now, you've probably seen the dancing mat games, and you might have even played the singalong games, well, this is the same kind of thing, but you need three hands, to not be colourblind, and not suffer from motion sickness ;) Jo loves it, and I love to sit and laugh. Of course, that "Quick Go" meant we didn't go to bed till nearly midnight last night.

So now it's Monday. Again. And I'm tired. And I STILL have this bloody headache.

Meh, anyways, I've added and removed some links down the side there, including my old school mate Stuart whos wedding we went to (When Gemma Met Peter) a few years back. He's very chuffed that he - being a Star Trek and Doctor Who geek - that he managed to get the domain Bless. I've added Phyllis, who is dreading his 40th; Jenny, who seems to have a thing about killing small animals; Gretchen, who seems to have as much fun raising kids as I do, as well as Brian, Becky, Moncrief, and China Blue. As with everything, if they want to post naughty stuff on their blogs, don't blame me ;)


And that's what I sit here hitting reload to every day :D

So - other than that, it's been a fairly quiet weekend. Apparently someone won the world cup, but no one gives a rats ass about it, not even the newspapers over here! hehe And someone won Wimbledon too. Congrats for hitting/kicking your respective balls and getting shed loads of money for it. Pah.

Hehe kicking your balls...

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One Response to “The Weekend”

Gretchen said...

Thanks for the welcome!

I certainly have been enjoying your blog as well