Another Update

'nother update - she's out already and back on the ward. Everything went fine - she has a two-inch wound to the right of her belly button with disolvable stitches and suchlike. She's on a couple of mild painkillers, still on the drip but will be waking up over the evening - when she's likely to be moody as hell as she was starving before the surgery.

Docs don't forsee anything odd happening, but she's being watched tonight to make sure all is OK. Could start her on water in 12 hours, and then slowly build her onto gradual feeds to see if she tolerates it.

More if/when I hear it.

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3 Responses to “Another Update”

Daddy Cool said...

well this is all good news, yes?

/ thoughts are with you and yours

Anonymous said...

Seconded. Sending my best wishes.

Erin said...

My 9 yr old had pyloric stenosis, had surgery at 3 weeks. It's nerve wracking, especially when there's a history of CHD and such. Glad all is well now.