"Adults" Make Me Laugh

Technically, I've been an adult for almost 12 years now. Technically. Under no circumstances, do I consider myself to be an adult. My parents are adults. My neighbours are adults. Jaysens teachers and the parents of his classmates are mostly adults (with a few exceptions). But me? No way I am an adult most of the time. Sure I CAN be mature, and sure I CAN make level-headed decision, but for the most part, I'm not - and most of the people I socialise with, either here on the web/msn, by text message or face to face - most of them are not adults either.

But. And there's always a but. Why is it that some adults are so bloody pathetic and childish? In the last three days, three of my friends - two here and one I know online - have had to deal with arsehole adults. The sort that are all smiles to your face, then talk to their little clique behind your back stirring the pot of shite. The sort that come up to you and tell you what a little shit your child is, and that if they catch him behind a shit again, they'll smack him. The sort that say NOTHING then go and do something ultra-childish without you knowing why.

And my advice to all three of these, and to anyone else that deals with prats like this? Ignore them. Don't waste your breath, time, patience or anything else on them. Let them be sad prats. Let them talk about you - I know for a fact there are people out there that dispise me, but you know what - I don't care. By me not talking to them, I lose nothing. Of course, I know of a couple of people in town that can't stand me, and when I go into their shops, they ALWAYS get a smile from me. Why? Because it makes me laugh to think that they probably turn to their chums with something like "Oh my god, did you see that, he had the audacity to smile at me! What a wanker, well, I know that he did this and that and this and that...."

I fulfill their sad little lives.

So if you deal with people like that, just forget about them. At the end of the day, it's their loss.

And if you're one of these people that spread rumours, slate off someone behind their back, or are generally what most people consider to be pissants... Grow up, we're all adults.


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One Response to “"Adults" Make Me Laugh”

debbie said...

Oh Dan how can you say people dont like you, Ok I have never actually got to mee you in person but that Dan that comes across on web and text is a kind caring man with a heart of gold, possible a cuddly as a teddy bear and a big kid too and so not grown up despite some hard descisions too.. But I also know some poeple like that but they talk about me not my child.. they talk as I dont go to church which is bad in my village.. but hey I dont give a damn either Dan.. I now where my friends are, one in Basildon, and one in Southampton/Portsmouth area but must have more friends that that

love to you Dan