Ahhh Basildon

You see all kinds on the streets of Basildon. Something things are amusing, some make you wonder, and other things honestly make you think that immortal word: "Huh?!"

I've just dropped Jaysen off to school, and am on my way home. A mother and her friend have stopped ahead and are getting a boy out of a pushchair, where they prompty pull down his trousers and pants, and let him set to peeing. When you've got to go, you've got to go.

OK, so that's gross enough. The amusing part is the fact they were letting him piss up someones garden fence - their front garden fence. So as I look on in shock and surprise, I say to Ruth "If that were my garden I'd go mad and throw a bucket of water over them". Seconds later, the shouting erupts from behind us. "Get your f***ing kid off my garden!", to which the mums start hurling abuse back, and a shouting match begins.

We keep walking, the dulcet tones of Basildonian Mother and Friend mixing with the cracking sound of an old womans throat.

So, we have a woman angry because little Billy is pissing on her garden, and two mums screaming and swearing back, even though they are SO in the wrong! Anyone with kids has been through potty training, and it's not fun. If the kid needs to go, usually it's a "need to go now" situation. But on someones garden? If it was that bad, find a secluded spot at least. Were the mums angry that the houseowner was shouting at them, or because they got caught this time?

Have to laugh, really...

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One Response to “Ahhh Basildon”

Dan said...

heheh except here we call them Chavs.