For Stuart

As some of you know, our friends Stuart & Michelle have a kiddy a similar age to Tam. Poor ol' Stuart is currently worried about his sons fetish for girls shoes. Well, fear not old chap, Tam is also going through a cross-dressing phase - I just managed to catch her with my phone camera and figured I'd slap it here for you so you don't worry too much.

Apologies for the quality of the photo!

Tam, plus Jaysens school shoes.

I should add, he is ONLY KIDDING when he asks "Should I Be Worried" and suchlike!

And re-reading this post, I imagine the pervs searching on google will have a field day with this post on it's own! hehe

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One Response to “For Stuart”

Stuart Wilson said...

Thanks Dan for the picture, but at least you've also got pictures of Tam playing with her dolls!!! :)