OK, as should be abundantly clear to the side there, I've reinstalled MSN, and set up a new Hotmail addy for such purposes. As you can't use a Number at the start of a hotmail addy, I've had to use Oddness with an O not a Zero. I know, confusing, but still.

The MSN will be on most of the time. I think. However, I might not be around, so send a message, and if I am here I will reply, otherwise, assume I'm not around.

The address is (as it shows):


Any and all are welcome - just let me know who you are when you jump on board, otherwise you'll end up blocked.

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3 Responses to “MSN”

Lara said...

just added you to my hotmail contacts, I'll be the Muso-type person aka Lara and Rob

Mark said...

I've added you to my contacts dan, right little teckie you are!!

debbie said...

Hi Dan just added you to my MSN