The more observant might notice a bit of metallic mesh going to-and-fro off to the side over the tagboard there. Yay me and my smartiepantness. So, I have a live-streaming webcam installed, however, those that remember this blog back in the day will remember I had something similar before running on here, and for a lot of people, it caused masses of slowdown and errors, and ended up getting pulled.

Not that I am fussy when it comes to that sort of thing ;)

So anyway, the cam will be pointed at whatever. It has a built-in mic so I might even treat you to music or my verbal rantings one day, but for now, it stays muted. Can't have the strangers around the world listening to my innane dribble - it's enough that you read it!

For a larger image, you can visit the cam direct at Camstreams. Seems to be a pretty nifty little site for this kinda thing, so if you want a webcam on your blog, there you go :)

I will add, once I go to bed it'll be turned off - I'm sure the people around the world couldn't give a fig about seeing this room when it's pitch black! Once I am "awake" and downstairs, then I will point it somewhere.

Edit: Forgot to add - PLEASE let me know if it takes forever to load, if you get whacky error messages, or something else goes screwy. If it's causing problems for people, then I'll just provide a link to the cam instead.

Webcam: Keep Or Ditch?

Keep The Bugger!
Ditch The Crap!


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4 Responses to “Webcam!”

Mark said...

A brave man indeed, I have a webcam but not sure if I'm ready for this although it looks like fun. I'm only online in the evenings so may not have the same impact. The blog loaded fine no problems here and I'm using the wireless connection on my laptop at the mo.

Laney said...

I can't actually see the camera, but I've voted to keep it anyway!

Stuart Wilson said...

Damn you Dan..... I was going to put a webcam on my blog!!!!!!! You beat me to it!!!

debbie said...

Dan I have Web cam too usally on MSN though, little bit to scared to go live as I sometimes sit feeding Josh on the PC,, and other than pointing it at me I dont have much else to direct it at