You ever go through phases when it just seems that people in general are conspiring against you. I like to think I am a pretty well-organised person. I'm very very rarely late for anything, remember where I am supposed to be at any given chance, and generally have decent planning skills. Right up to a point. And you know what that point is? As soon as you have to add "Other People" to the mix. Now granted, I've been told that my timekeeping is borderline obsessive/compulsive - I feel sick if I know I am going to be late somewhere - but there are days when it seems like those that know what the plans are, they stick the proverbial spanner in the proverbial works.

As you can tell, I'm Dan McGrouchy today.

On the other side of the coin, we've started a teeny bit of table-top roleplaying again. While we used to play Dungeons & Dragons multiple times per week, it dried to zero after we lost Bethy, and all my Email D&D games fizzled through me having a real lack of description and motivation. We're only playing the game once per week, but again, we're relying on someone else, and he seems to not give a crap if we have fun or not. If we cancel, then we'll keep cancelling. Of course, in true Dan-Style trying to keep others happy, I am letting him get on with it, and even sat last night and drew out his fantasy world as a map, which I finished and coloured today. It's probably the most fantasy-based stuff I've done in a long while.

Jo is toying with running a game for people, and I keep debating to start one up, but since we lost Bethy, it's like my roleplaying flame died down to a glowing ember. It's still there, it just needs re-stoking. I can't even put finger-to-keyboard for a short story or anything which is VERY unlike me.

I think I need to pop a wad of pain killers and veg in bed. Early night, try to sleep, as I'm just "feh" today. I've also got the concentration span of a glass of lukewarm lemonade, hence the rambling post.

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One Response to “People...”

Mark said...

Okay Dan, I know I have not known you long and don't take this the wrong way, but do you think Bethy would be happy knowing her dad was not doing something he loves. I don't think so. Come on Dan it's time! and I've never done D&D but would like to know how it all works.