So here I sit after another crap night of "sleep". My cold germy-thing has come back with a little more Oompf today, plus my legs and back are not happy souls. Bless.

Still, armed with meds and coffee, the world is my oyster. As long as it doesn't involve much in the way of actually partaking.

So, with Tam stay with nanny for a couple of days, Jaysen at school, Jo having an early nap (not to mention the bloody neighbours mowing their lawn while it tries to rain...), I sit here considering what to post. Do I discuss my various injuries over the years - being one of few people alive to sustain an injury from a cannon, to having a wall collapse on me but saved by chain mail, or the various incidents of being suspended by something piercing into my body. Or do I go through my in-depth childhood so you, the reader, can psycho-analyse me. OK, yes, I don't need you lot to tell me I'm off my rocker. I could go for a walk and snap photos of the surrounding area - but that would mean actually getting up and doing something.

For those that have demanded polietly requested my photo, I figured "what the heck" and took a new one. Granted it's on the webcam, and the daylight flooding through the window beside me makes me look rather *cough*whiter*cough* than usual. And yes, my hair is getting stupidly long. It's loose most of the time, as having it tied back makes me look like some kind of seedy drug dealer.

What a man eh? hehe Actually, I detest my photo being taken, and snapped this while watching Lee Evans do his amusing stuff - hence the stupid grin. I used to use on my original blog and the camera was usually on all the time - if not pointing into the room, at the fish or at something on the desk, then it was focused outside on the world beyond the window. Maybe I will set it up to do that again. I rarely use MSN or Yahoo, but when I do, it's online through the chat software too.

Anyways, as you can tell, I am bored, tired and at a loss as to what to do, so I shall leave it there. Maybe I will post something more later, but don't hold your breath!

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3 Responses to “Musings...”

debbie said...

Love the Photo Dan, but heres a trick to looking 15 years younger (ok 10) get it cut, plus some nice blond highlights or even go black, and layer it too, when I say cut I mean at least 2 inches of all over,, then you may look something like a surfdude (thats what charlies aunt calls him)

Dan said...

1- No way in hell is it being cut.
2- Blonde highlights are OK on a man when it's short, but not long
3- Not a chance of it being dyed
4- Layed?! I'm a man!

Other than that ;)

debbie said...

your a Man!!????? some of the toughest men I know have layerd hair some of them, there hair is half way down the back.. any hun only winding I love men with long hair, thats why I went out with Martin, but the silly ass went and got it cut after 2 weeks..

now he has all grown up and got old quick

oh PS you dont even look 30 anyway.. will stop creeping now..