Well, so far so good - the only reports of the camera not working seem to be after I turned it off, so that's all good. *touches wood* MSN is on and has had several people jump on since last night. Nothing has broken (yet) and everything seems to be running smoothly (so far), so I'll chalk this down as a win for me.

Yay Dan!

In other news. Well, it appears that I am the only person on this green earth to have never seen Braveheart. Yeah yeah, shoot me. Of course, while I enjoy epic-scale/historical movies, the last few days have seen me in a frame of mind to not really watch one. Jo has been telling me how great a film it is, so we put it on last night.

It went on forever and ever. At 10pm, Jo told me we were only half-way through, so we turned it off and went to bed. I just couldn't face it, and not even sure I can face the other half today. I suppose I should make myself scarce ;)

On the bright side, it's Friday. Today is only the second day this week I've gotten up to take Jaysen to school, Jo has been doing it mostly. I still feel icky, but I'm bored and I am sure the rest of the house is sick of hearing me complain and moan, so I'll just have to suck it up and get on with it. No doubt tomorrow - Saturday - I will be up at the crack of dawn doing something daft.

I tried the Everquest 2 trial the other day after all. It sucked for me. Wasn't a patch on World of Warcraft.

Anyways - I need to whip the boy into his uniform and get my proverbial skates on - enjoy the scenery of "Out the Window". I'm sure you will be mesmerised for hours to come. FYI - there is a 20 second delay between here, and the screen you see there. Most odd watching a car go past out the corner of my eye, only to see it go past on the screen a short time later!

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4 Responses to “Well...”

Stuart Wilson said...

You know.... I just saw a number 8 bus shoot past on your webcam, and it made me feel a little sad.... like how much I miss good ol' Basildon!!

Anonymous said...

Well, come visit us then honey, you can ride on the kid filled, bumpy, sitting next to stinky old people buses as much as you like ;)

Stuart Wilson said...

Ahhh. I remember the last time Michelle and I came to visit, and we had young yobs threatening the bus drivers on both journeys to and from your house!! We don't get that kind of excitement here in Evesham.

Alan said...

Braveheart was filmed in a lace about 15 minutes outside of my hometown. There you go. Bet you feel enriched now, eh?