The Week In A Post (Pt4)

Now that my face is fed, it's time for Dan to go over the previous week from the eyes of the bloggers around the world. Aside from me still being poorly, this is the week that saw me add a webcam to the blog, as well as reinstall MSN for all-and-sundry to contact me. Busy busy busy!

  • Jo discusses the attraction of odd people towards us.
  • Christine questions English vs. English-US pronounciation (which in turn sparked a debate on a Heart Support list!)
  • Emma... Well, Emma broke her blog. Again. She HAD fixed it, but likes to press buttons.
  • Minge came home and discusses his journey in detail.
  • Alan in Scotland is still silent...
  • Alan in Ireland received his most favorite thing in the mail.
  • Joansy compares her hubby to... well...
  • Laney documents a massive custody battle.
  • Lara sums up her week in a post
  • China Blue gets herself on MySpace
  • Mark watches DVDs in the car while sorting the gas man.
  • Stuart starts reviewing a movie - but ends up playing a game.
  • Debbie lets the claws of Ebay grab her.
  • Gretchen gives a method of shaking a crappy mood.
  • Paul reverts to being a student and talks football.
  • Tim details the fun of having a young kid getting a haircut
  • Nancy goes over the massive improvement of her daughter, Jessica.
  • Brian makes what he considers to be, a boring work post.
  • Moncrief tells the story of his families migration habits
  • Cassandra realises she needs to brush up on her Swedish (Yes, another new blog to read!)
As ever in the Land of Blog, everyone has much to keep them busy! And welcome home Minge :) As for the World Wide Web, well, lots has been keeping my germ-ridden brain occupied and amused.
  • Dating - why people are single (Comic)
  • Keyboard - aside from being nuclear-explosion-proof, what does it DO? (Store)
  • Monsters - Giant bug invades the land! (Google Map)
  • Clay-Pigeon-Shooting - Top Gear style (Video)
  • Train Journey - London to Brighton in two minutes (Video)
  • Pac-Man - Weebl makes a new game for all to love! (Game)
  • Bored - Weebl makes a time filler that becomes my new ringtone. Anyone that hates this must be shot. (Animation)
  • For Babies - The item all children clearly need. (Store)
  • Mushroom - The perfect gift to people you don't like (Photo)
  • Swastika Building - Really, you have to question the designers... (Google Map)
  • Shooting Stuff - Ultra-Slow-Motion of objects being shot. Because it's always cool (Video)
So - all in all, another week has gone, another week closer to Halloween, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving for the USA'ians, then straight into Crimbo and New Year.

Time flies eh ;)

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3 Responses to “The Week In A Post (Pt4)”

Laney said...

Have you really got the space worms as your ringtone?

If so, thats awesome!

Anonymous said...

Emma has not broken her blog. Emma is simply setting it to not accept people till she works out who the freak is that keeps leaving messages on it.


Emma said...

and its back now, will sort freak problem later - am home tonight with nowt to do for first time in ages so will fiddle around then and update bloggy