Went To Buy Some Goldfish

And came home with a rat.

Yes folks, another day in the life of Dan...

The fish tank that had four fish has slowly lost one occupant after another. Bob died, followed by Bob, and then Bob this morning was belly up, leaving Bob on his own. So Jo had the cunning plan of popping to the pet shop, getting some goldfish, maybe some cold-water bottom feeders.

Bear in mind I've been doing laundry and ironing all morning, we trundled into the (ever so busy) town center, and set to looking at the fish. Lots of fish, from silver to black. But no bottom feeders. Hmmm. Jo, in the meantime, is making doe-eyes at the little fury rats. Jo loves them, and has always kept them, but after the last one she vowed "no more rats".

And, from the first line of this post, you know how that vow went.

So now we have a rat named Taz on Jo's desk. Kind of dark-chocolate brown. Dinky little thing and quite friendly. I suggested we put him in the tank with Bob, but that suggestion didnt go down too well. Ho hum. I'll put a photo up in a while, once my back has stopped whining.

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3 Responses to “Went To Buy Some Goldfish”

debbie said...

I take it Dan you dont like Rats then??

I would however love a couple of love birds but martins say No, due to it being cruel..

Gordon Moss said...
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Dan said...

Gotta love spammers.
Gotta love the fact his blog has been deleted too....