What A Crap Day

Being that my day technically started at 1am this morning, I knew I was off to a bad start. With little sleep, still feeling under the weather, and knowing Jo was poorly, I just didn't want to get up. But I had to.

So at 7.15am the kids were down with me, the dogs were running around, and neither child would do a THING they were told. In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd have said today was Opposites Day. Bundled around to Ruths just in time to head to school, when the weather decided to brighten up - me in a coat then melted.

Got home and set to clearing up house. Washing up that materialised over the night, piles of laundry from who-knows-where, junk on the floor, the trail of destruction left by two children and two dogs, folding clothes, ironing - then all of a sudden, it's time to go get Jaysen. Huh?!

The day has been punctuated by dogs playing then snoring, Tam laughing then screaming, and of course, the Puking Wonder upstairs had a few fun fits of emptying her guts in the opposite direction. After a good fifteen minutes of marvellous sound effects, she sent me a text saying "I don't feel well."

Gasp. What's next, the sun letting me know it's hot?

So anyway, I head out to the school again, get the boy and his bookbag and his P.E bag and his Swim bag, and the bundle of letters and notes and crap and head on home. "I'm thirsty." "Can I have some sweets?" "What's for dinner?" "Where's Mummy?" "Are the dogs here?" "Can I have some sweets?" and on and on. The journey from School to Front Door is about 10 minutes, less on a good day. Felt like a life time. So, cunning-plan-Dan decides to do an early dinner, maybe put the clocks forward an hour, get the kids into bed early.

So I finish with the laundry, finish the ironing, add his school stuff to the laundry, put away the drying up - it's just after 5pm. What the hell?!

Long story short (too late), I managed to get him fed, bathed and in bed by 7.30pm. Tam is snoring behind me. Miguel is on my lap, Sally at my feet. Jo is still in bed. I've not actually eaten this evening, and it's far too late to do so now.

Why does everything hit the bloody fan at the same time?! Fingers cross Jo is better in the morning.

Edit: Because Nancy needs cheering up, here is a pic of Miguel, snoring on my lap as I blog. Apologies for the Thunder Thighs ;)

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9 Responses to “What A Crap Day”

Laney said...

What thunder thighs? All I can see is a snoozing dog! Or is that your mutant leg hair?

debbie said...

OMG PMSL you really are in your boxers, and I do hope that is the dog on your lap:)

Mark said...

Just hope he doesn't have a nightmare and decides to take a chunk out of your you know what!! Oi you need a wax mate! ;0)

GDevers said...

The poop always hits the fan when Mom's out of commission.

Hope all is back to normal soon!

Whatever normal is...

joansy said...

Hope all is better in the a.m.
Personally, I tend to do a whole lot of putting myself in time out in moments like that. I follow the "minute per year of age" rule so I get very nice, long breaks when the wee ones get unreasonable.

Nancy Jensen said...

Thanks for the picture of Miguel, Dan. It did cheer me up... especially everyone else's comments regarding the picture. haha! I can clearly see a hairy dog curled up on a lap that's wearing dark blue shorts... and hairy legs. but then again, I would be quite worried if you had shaved them. ;)

Minge said...

Nice legs.

debbie said...

Talking of Shaving legs, about time you did that dan and raised some charity..

or a waxing and would just love to see That Emma laugh as you scream..

(sorry hun)

The Special Zipper said...

I just love that CRAP is a universal word.