So with a gradual couple of weeks warning, Autumn has well and truly arrived. I got soaked on the way to school - pouring rain coupled with driving wind. Got the bus to town, grabbed some shopping I forgot yesterday, bus home - rain poured on me so I got soaked again. Then afternoon school run heading into school - got rained on for a third time.

It's cold, it's wet, it's windy. But oddly, I feel pretty good. Tired from being busy, but good. Reading my med packet, it says that my pills start working on average after a couple of weeks,but can start within just a few days. I just feel, I don't know, better.

I've been reading some very interesting sites about Paroxetine - Paxil to you Americans - and it seems a lot of people have a lot of problems on it, but it would seem it is prescribed for pretty much any problem (like Social Anxiety!) in the States, while over here, it's just for depression. Most - not all - but most of the sites are US-based problems, and I'm not worried at all. If it works, all good for me.

So, aside from getting soggy, braving the crowds of town, taking pills and generally being useless, I've had a quiet day! Jo is still hurting like hell, so on my other pills (not the crazy ones!) and sleeping it off. Tam is finally having a nap, Jaysen is on the computer, and I am watching The Wild. Again.

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One Response to “Autumn”

Nancy Jensen said...

Hey Dan, I read the article on "Social Anxiety" that you had a link to. Wow, that guy really had some side effects of the Paxil and his withdrawal was very scary! He didn't mention that he contacted his doctor about suddenly stopping the Paxil- not a good idea to just suddenly stop it but would have been better if he had been weaned off.

Now that I think of it, I had a terrible headache for the first 4 days or so when I started Paxil but my doctor insisted that I hang in there and he was right - the headaches did stop and then it was like someone opening the windows into the deep, dark hole what I had been living in. I did notice when I was on Paxil that I was more calm and didn't have as strong of emotions but the Paxil didn't completely take away all my emotions, just numbed them some... which was usually a good thing since I had been way too nervous, crying and wanting to scream a lot.

Glad that you are doing well so far and hopefully you will continue on the up and up.