I Am Bloody Freezing

While I have been reliably informed that it's "not that cold" outside this morning, I was shivering the whole time on the school run. I came in, put on the heating and and sat huddled over a hot coffee.

Not even taking the piss out of the shorties on the school run warmed my cockles, as it were.

There are some people that wear a cardigan and get on with it, and there are sarcastic convicts down under in the middle of their summer, talking about hot or humid it is, and here I am freezing my proverbial nuts off. I am sure the Welshies by the Sea will comment on their weather, and people living in the desert are probably toasty-warm... The house is currently warm enough that Jo is checking her mail in her satin nothings.

Pictures available for a one-time charge of £19.99

Anyway, we had a nice day yesterday, had Ruth and Celeste over for a large steak lunch while all the kids were at school. Ruth decided to try start a waterfight in the kitchen, and as usual, ended up drowned and in need of a change of clothes. Jo slaved over a hot stove and we had steak, bacon, sausage, chips, mushrooms... Very nice :D

And so here I sit, with a sarcastic Italian git laughing at my music selection - I helped him out by flicking to the amusing songs on my playlist, such as Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, and Bob the Builder. It's so easy to make the primitives chuckle.

For those that don't understand the image for this post, you can enlighten yourself thanks to Wikipedia.

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One Response to “I Am Bloody Freezing”

Stuart Wilson said...

William Shatner singing Common People???? Hey, I think the Shat is a legend, but try listening to his version of "Lucy in the sky with Diamonds"