My Son Shares

Yesterday afternoon I noticed something that had been bothering all day, but at the back of my mind. I had been clearing my throat a fair bit, and blowing my nose here and there. Then it occurred to me.

Jaysen has given me his cold.

Now in-and-of itself that's not a problem. I'm a manly man, and it takes more than a simple cold to stop me. *cough* However, with Jo-The-One-Armed-Wonder still poodling around the house with as much dexterity as a fridge magnet, I can't afford to be a poorly wimp. As it is, I am struggling to keep up with the volumes of laundry, the stacks of crockery, and the clouds of dust, all in need of urgent cleaning. But for me to get poorly as well, well... I daren't think about the chaos that will descend upon the house.

Added to this, despite the weekend break, I didn't manage to sleep in either Saturday nor Sunday, plus I've had a few crappy nights, which means this morning I am sooo tired, despite having to crack on with everything.

Any minute now, my body will be infused with energy, and I will clean the house in a few seconds flat. Anytime now.


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One Response to “My Son Shares”

The Special Zipper said...

From Australia to the UK, we are sharing the same things. I describe Connor as sharing something as contagious as the Bubonic Plague. I have been trying to throw it for about four weeks.

Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact you appear a bit run down would it????????????????????