Here I am, sitting at my computer with sunrise fast approaching the East, watching outside as the world slowly starts to wake up and go about their business. At least, I'd see the sunrise were it not for the fact that the sky is filled with icky black clouds. None the less, people are waking up, turning lights on and generally going about their business.

I'm tired today folks, and it's mostly my own doing. I didn't get in till 1am this morning, checked my mail, checked some blogs, went to bed, then spent over an hour trying to sleep, only to wake up - and stay awake - at around 5.30am. However, with Jo sprawled over me, my pillows just so and everything quiet, I laid there for as long as I could, but eventually got up at 6.40am.

So, I've read the news. I've read some blogs. I've read some comics. I've watched a couple of videos. I've replied to some mails. I'm ever so productive at the crack of dawn!

My friend Rosie - who's son has CHD - has been keeping us updated. David has had his pulmonary valve replaced after six hours of surgery, and woke up in ICU fairly well. Seems he's been a bit poorly over night which I am hoping is a reaction to both the drugs and the change in his circulation, plus his heart rhythm has been messing around a bit - which often happens after it's messed around with. Those of you that are praying, keep em coming for them!

So, I've still got to get dressed, iron a shirt for Jaysen, sort out his swimming bag, find his shoes and his book bag that mysteriously vanish each afternoon, feed him and dress him.

I'd probably be less tired had Jo not woken up when I got in, and explained the entire plot to some crappy horror movie!

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3 Responses to “Sunrise!”

The Special Zipper said...

Continuing thoughts and prayers for David ... hoping the rythm starts to get back on track and the pressures sort them self out.

Whilst Rosie wouldn't have the faintest idea who we are, if the time is right, please let her know there are Australian's thinking and praying for David.

Minge said...

Thoughts and prayers are with the poor wee lamb.

You need a coffee.

Anonymous said...

it wasn't just *any* crappy horror movie, it was "House of Wax" where Paris Hilton cops it!Worth watching if only for that scene :D