Uh Oh

So, we went to see Jaysens class do their first School Assembly last week. All about Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes and the Firework Code. Yes, it's that time of year that - from early October and right through till New Year, every twat has a rocket, banger, or other explosive device that they let off during the night. Hi-fricking-larious.

Anyway, the point at hand.

After the assembly, we went back to Jaysens class where his new teacher explained they were working on numeracy and problem-solving. Fair Enough. So, teach turns our attention to the board. "Here is where we write the goal of the day" she says, and 30 parents look at the board to see this:

Can't read it? Ahem, allow me: "To be able to solve Puzzels."

Yes, PUZZELS. If you still don't get it, click this link.

I really really really hope she makes a comment about his spelling. Granted, she seems nice enough - even if every girls mother complains she doesn't let them go pee when they like - but Jaysen has a cast-iron bladder anyway.


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5 Responses to “Uh Oh”

Laney said...

Hahaha! That photo can so be used for bribery later.

Emma said...

No idear wot you meen. All teechers can spell purrfectly well!

Dan said...

Well it's not like I ever sit on MSN struggling to read peoples conversations with me...

The Special Zipper said...

You Poms all miss the point ... the puzzle of the day was for the kids to work out that the spelling of the "goal of the day" was obviously wrong.

What's wrong with you guys?

The Special Zipper said...

I was being sarcastic by the way!!