Before I Collapse Into Bed...

Today has been - to say the very least - exhausting. I was tired and a bit hurty anyway, but with the moving of rooms, I figured "If I stop now, I won't carry on tomorrow". If I have a busy day, you can bet your bottom penny that I will be knackered for a few days.

But anyway. Today went without a hitch. Well, "without a hitch" by my standards. The old computer room looked like someone had detonated a paper-grenade in there, and that was just stuff everywhere. You know the stuff, the stuff you put aside out the way "Just in case" or "I might need it" or "You never know". Well, most of that "stuff" is gone. Jaysen's room is stripped, and - obviously - the computers are up here, back on their desks in the soft-lit bedroom which is now the study. Our friend Celeste has been a star, lugging things, cleaning things, helping move things, making umpteen trips up and down the stairs (because we're now on the second floor) and doing plenty.

The only real issue was that between turning off my computer, and reconnecting it, the Power Supply decided to go plooey and didn't want to power up the computer. At all. I was tired, hurting and now pissed RIGHT off. So Jo toddled out, and returned a half hour later with my new power supply. Which is my Xmas Pressie from her. Hey, she got her new mouse and keyboard early, so I get my computer back on!

Fair is fair, after all.

I can say, with 110% honesty and not an ounce of exaggeration, my everything hurts. From fingers, to arms, shoulders/neck/back, head, eyes, jaw, my waist and hips, my thighs and er, lower-legs, my feet and toes - and everything in between - PLUS I have a pounding headache.

But you know what - we're bloody done, and it looks excellent. Still got a few bits to potter around with but all in all, we're very pleased. Tam has been "helping" all day, and Jaysen came home, only to go to stay with Nanny for the weekend. We were so busy, the only time we stopped for an amount of time was because we realised we'd not eaten all day.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a pill bottle and a large, soft bed to collapse into. Now I am showered and clean, that is. Bet I sleep well tonight and sleep in in the morning. And if I don't, there will be blood!!

Nighty ;)

Edit: Will reconnect the webcam tomorrow, plus post photos of the new setup!

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One Response to “Before I Collapse Into Bed...”

Minge said...

Waiting for the photos!