Restful Weekend

This weekend has been spent with me pretty much doing sweet F.A. Sort of. See, now we have a very large kitchen/diner, I've been busy making sure it stays that way, so every time there's been a hint of washing up, it's been done. Jo's been pottering around finishing the last of the "Tidy The Junk Away", and Jaysen hasn't been here so it's been fairly quiet.

Yesterday and today I've also put up, taken down, and re-put-up some baby gates that I needed to get just right, so now Tam has the run of the entire middle-floor of the house. In most ways, this is a great idea, but we forgot the key item of Hide The Talc, a lesson we should have learned with Jaysen. And again with Bethy. And now, we're reminded again the hard way. Baby+Talc=Clouds of Fun. So we re-vacuumed, plus we vacuumed Tam as well. Did you know a toddler can empty an entire bottle of Talc in a few seconds? Well now you do.

The new computer room (rather, the new-that-was-the-original-computer-room) is nice. It's small but not cramped, it's not to bright but not to dark, it's carpeted, it's warm... Generally, I'd call it cozy. The view out the window, while not as busy as the front, is also a lot more serene. Of course, I'm trying my hardest to find my USB Extension lead otherwise I'm going to have to do some creative camera angles.

That, or put it on me.... heh

So anyway, the downside to being so busy means that this weekend has also been spent with me suffering. My everything still hurts, and it's back to the school grind tomorrow, so I am hoping that another night of sleep will help to some extent, otherwise, it'll be Warp Factor Slug on the way to and from school.

Tomorrow, once it's light again, I shall take some photos of the study and the dining room for all to see, and hopefully, once I've found that fricking cable, get the webcam up again!

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