An Idea: Hug A Lurker

So here's something I've been toying with over the last week or two. See, most mornings, I check my stats, see who is coming from where, who is hanging around, who is clicking through the blog and who is just reading, and it is apparent that each day I get something like 50-100 visitors, more if I post a lot. Some 20% of these are click throughs or bots or whatever, staying less than five seconds, but the vast majority are stopping to read a post or two. Of those, maybe 20 or so are regulars - on a daily, two day or three day basis, while others arrive from search engines, and others arrive through other links on other blogs, blog catelogs or whatever else brings people here.

But here's the thing, I'm actually interested on WHO these people are. Sure, I know where in the world they are coming from, but the WHO is what I am interested in. Who are you, where you from, what do you think of the blog? Don't think as you're new you won't get answers on your comments, that I won't respond to tags or emails, and that I won't link you. If you have a blog and read me quietly, let me know, and I will happily add you to my link bar to the side there. I know some of you are from email lists I spam comment on, I know some of you have come from my World of Warcraft profile/signature - heck, I even know some of you!!

So, on Saturday - and lasting for a week - I am going to open my arms to all the quiet readers that dwell in the shadows of my blog. If you're shy or quiet, just a quick hello would be nice, or even post a question on the TagBoard, and I will do my best to answer it. Maybe others of you that have blogs would like to do a similar thing, throw open your doors, and let them in! My comments are enabled to allow anonymous comments, user names or "other", so go for your life!

Come on Lurkers - what have you got to lose!

Edit: I am going to keep this at the top of the blog for the week - all new posts appear BELOW this post!

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22 Responses to “An Idea: Hug A Lurker”

Anonymous said...

You found me out. I am one of the quiet lurkers who quietly reads and never posts any comments. ever. not even yesterday.

Gretchen said...

I stalk, er... read, daily. Only commenting when I have something to contribute, otherwise, just enjoying the read.

debbie said...

do i really need to say who I am??

Awesome Mom said...

I found you through CHD families. I have a blog too so if you want to know who I am, or at least they way I present myself to the public you can read about me there.

I enjoy reading your blog as it is interesting to see how people in different countries live and do things.

Anonymous said...

You know I love your blog...
and the Special Zipper....


Since I rarely leave the house...
(until after RSV season in March or April)
this is my way to get out and about!!

Terri ~ Las Vegas
You know how to get a hold of me to tell me how I can see who clicks on the blog!

Anonymous said...

Dan, I admit I'm one of your lurkers! You keep me muchly amused....think you should write a book!!
I'm Tracie from CHD, my daughter's Bianca.

Anonymous said...

you know who I am. Big whoop.


The Special Zipper said...

I am extremely quiet lurking around .. waiting to pounce to get even with you young Dan.

Keep up the good content and humour.

Tim the Convict at The Special Zipper

The Special Zipper said...


Most web site stat counters provide you with info. on how people get to your site, how often, etc.

You need to know a bit about editing the template however and a miniscule amount of html so you know where to put it ... BETA Blogger is probably easier in that regard.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, Thanks for the hug. I am a member of chd groups and enjoy reading your post. I have said lots of times you should write books. I have started a blog but need help to get it all together.

Rachel said...

hi there
thanks for the hug :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I lurk, i'm just an avid blog reader. I got your link from the DDS forum. I'm all the way from exotic Redditch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, I am a daily lurker. I got a link to your blog from Karin, so now I read your blog and Christine's every day. I enjoy reading about your days. Bethy's story truly touched my heart and I know that she watches over you and your family.
Krista from Wisconisn

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan

Caught out as being a lurker!!
Just like to hear the latest news as to how you all are and the kids love some of the links you post.

Lisa F

Anonymous said...

Also thanking you for the hug . I am from CHD families(although I lurk there too now haha) and like to know how you and the troop are getting along, Bethy really touched me so I like to keep track of you all.... You have such a way with words, your blogs are fun to read :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan...

Not sure you will remember us...Met you LONG time ago on PDHeart. I read to keep up with the how you and Jo are doing since losing Bethy. You stay in our thoughts.

Needville, Tx
mom to Dustin, 8, AV Canal, heterotaxy w/asplenia, mitral valve regur and Pacemaker
Tx. Children's Hospital

Daddy Cool said...

I think I'm more commenter than lurker. I have this odd compulsion that I must comment on the blogs I read.

Anonymous said...

I've not been round these parts lately, so wanted to say hello and wish you and the fam a most excellent Christmas XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan!
I am one of your lurker's LOL!
I check on you and the family sometimes everyday or at least once a week. You are book marked.
What is really weird is if I say your name in the house or even to my mother about something that you have said they all know who you are LOL! So who am I?? LOL!
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
I'm a happily divorced, slightly mad woman living near Basildon. I share my home with 3 kids, 2 cats and a goldfish. I only just discovered your site when I was looking on Google for a webcam in Basildon (no, not for anything rude!lol) I've been reading through some of your posts and enjoyed every one of them, keep up the good work. I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking for every now and then. I know your family from chd lists (ivemark, fathers).

Wish you and your family happy new year :)

-Sami from Finland

Anonymous said...

I so had to post on this dan. I lurk big time on the off chance im going through my favorites (yup your one) and the kiddos arent up my arse. I miss reading things here and come to enjoy some good writings. :) Oh yeah dont you remember me? Stephanie???? HUGS to you and the kiddos and Jo, from way across the pond here