Santa Clause Is Coming...

Well, unless that image is correct and he's fallen out his sleigh ;) Anyways,, as they have been doing for the last few years, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command) track Santa around the globe with their international tracking doo-wotsits. Using this site you can track Santas progress around the world - at writing, he's already hit a couple of places, and it's far from New Zealand, where Xmas Day starts very soon.

If you've got kids old enough to appreciate it, let them have a lookie-see. During the day, they upload videos "captured live" of Santa sightings across the globe. Modern technology bringing the Christmas feeling a little closer to home for the wee ones.

We're plunging headlong into the planned chaos - my Dad and his family are due fairly soon (which means I REALLY need to get dressed!), Change of Plan - Dan & Co had to cancel. Later this afternoon, Jo's parents are over for dinner as it's her Dads birthday today. Kids will be put to bed, then tomorrow morning we do the gift things, followed by going to her parents where we're cooking dinner for nine. Drinking, eating, playing games, we're staying of Christmas Night and probably most if not all of Boxing Day.

Nancy, we don't really "celebrate" Boxing Day - it's a day to recover from food and drink mostly, but also a time to see family.

Wednesday and Thursday we have people over during the days, not sure about Friday, but New Year weekend... Well, not a clue really. It's all Go Go Go! I'll update the bloggy as and when I get a chance, maybe complete with some drunken posting tomorrow night for laughs. I'll have my mobile phone with me, so if you want texting, just give me a shout!

Here's to an excellent Christmas for all of you, and a very happy new year. Assuming I make it that far ;)

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3 Responses to “Santa Clause Is Coming...”

The Special Zipper said...

Merry Christmas to all ... 35 minutes until we reach Christmas here. Connor left me (oops I mean Santa) ... a beer and some lollies which still need to be finished.

Heres to Dan continuing his oddity in 2007 ... because if no one is odd, life would be pretty boring.


joansy said...

Happy Christmas to all. Looking forward to the stories. Cheers.

Nancy Jensen said...

Thanks for your information about boxing day. I didn't know if you and your family had any special traditions for the day. My favorite thing to do the day after Christmas is to SLEEP! ;-)