Merry Christmas!!

Hey Everyone!

Just thought I'd take this moment (aka, Calm Before The Storm) to wish all you of - my online family - a very Merry Christmas, and here's to a decent 2007!

Living the oh-so-hard-life that I lead, Jaysen didn't get up till 8.45am, and Tam & Jo have only just dragged themselves from the bed at 9.30am! The turkey is on, the pressies are laid out, and Santa, the messy git, made footprints throughout the house and left crumbs on the table. I think we'll have words next year...

Hope you all have an excellent few days of food/drink/friend/drink/family/drink/food/food/drink.

Thank you all of you that have been there over this year (and, of course, all the previous years!), helping us through everything and generally being there to read my rants, either here or via my emails. It means a lot to us that people we've never met are willing to give us help and advice and bear with my ramblings! So thanks to all of you!

With thanks, christmas greetings, and a hope that everyone has a great day, no matter where they are or what they are doing, Thank You, and let the good times roll!

(PS, Tim, hope you had a great Xmas Day, being that you lot are probably winding down today! hehe Crazy upside-down people!)

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2 Responses to “Merry Christmas!!”

The Special Zipper said...

Thanks Dan ... have a great day of food, drink more food and more drink.

We had a fantastic day which we will remember for some time. (For once it wasn't spent in Melbourne with surgery or post surgery).

Will post some piccies of Connor's "drums" on The Special Zipper soon.

Merry Christmas .. even though we are now on boxing day and you folk are still doing the Santa thing.

Daddy Cool said...

Hope you had a wonderful xmas. Peace, my friend.