Murder Attracts The Crazies

I'm not jaded nor blinkered. I understand that bad things appeal to some people. I don't know why it does, but it seems to be a fact of life. Not to mention the internet has several sites dedicated to nasty stuff. The worrying stuff is when they arrive at my blog, even though I know exactly HOW they got here, it's an odd feeling, that a google search has spurned someone to click my link, as it were.

As I mentioned in my Linkage post below, England is currently gripped by the Serial Killer on the loose in Suffolk - which is the county up from Essex and really not that far away. One of the victims comes from my home town of Colchester here in Essex, and had travelled up there to work. But anyway, there are rewards out - including a quarter of a million pounds by a Sunday Tabloid - extra police drafted in from across the country, and generally, trying to find this person as quickly as they can.

So when I check my StatCounter this morning, and find someone came to 0ddness with a search for "photos in london serial killings" I wonder what drives a person to look for such images. WHY would you want to see a murder victim?

The person in question was clearly not happy s/he didn't find what they were looking for, as they stayed for about NO seconds, but still, it boggles the mind.

Let's just hope this person is a criminologist, looking for something else entirely, in a strictly professional manner. And while we're hoping, let's hope I win the lottery ;)

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3 Responses to “Murder Attracts The Crazies”

Nancy Jensen said...

Just be glad that he/she DIDN'T find what they were looking for here.... like their next victim! muwahahahaha!

Dan said...

Well, for one that's a bit of a slog to find me, and secondly, I'm not sure I fit the profile :D

I'll send him your way if he comes a-knocking!

Nancy Jensen said...

So tell me, what's the profile of a murder victim?

And thanks for sending him my way - I don't have to go far to get help from the cops. :-P