The Study

So, we're into another week, but I'm still hurting, still tired, AND I woke up with a tummy ache. Joyous.

Of course, it was all worth it. Or so I am told... My back and arms are telling me otherwise - I tend to ignore them most days, but today, meh..

So anyway, photos, as promised. Starting with the new-look dining room:

This is where my desk USED to sit - hence the fishtank and the damage to the wall when I'd kick my legs out. My desk is huge and used to fill that entire corner, from the edge of the fishtank, to the wall, and across covering most of the radiator.

Here we have the dining room to the right, where Jo's desk used to sit. Obviously, the dinner table never used to be there, and though her desk is a fair bit smaller than mine, it still took up space.

As for where we are now, well...

As you enter the room and turn left, you're faced with my beast of a desk, in the corner, by the window. It's fairly cluttered at the moment, but it's been worse.

Jo's desk is on the right side of the room, covered with junk mementos.
So, there you have it, photos complete with two cats (Trixie on the windowsil, Dipstick on the table), several fish, Jo playing WoW, plus Taz the Rat. Oh, and Tams uneaten lunch of jam sandwiches.

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3 Responses to “The Study”

Nancy Jensen said...

you said there's a picture of Jo playing WoW.. uhhmm... I see the computer but no Jo.

Other than that it all looks nice. I need a room for my junk.. erm, stuff too. ;)

Alan said...

Your desk looks like it could sprout wings and take off!

Looks good

Daddy Cool said...

Thanks for sharing. I love to see the environs of my fellows.