Coming Out The Haze

The last couple of weeks have kinda floated and rolled by like fog in London - rolls and rolls of cloud until you pop out the other side under a clear blue sky. And that is this morning. Granted, I am still coughing like I've been smoking, my head and throat are still sore, but that's about it. Thankfully. The ManFlu almost made it to the lesser know, more dangerous Flu-Monia, but I think that ship has gone by.

Of course, in the time while hacking and snotting and wheezing, I've not read blogs, I've not read news, checked webcomics - generally missed everything for a fortnight. Bethys birthday passed with a little sadness, and we spent the evening at Jo's mums for dinner, came home and did... stuff. I can't remember what. Probably watched a movie or something - Lord of the Rings I think.

And that's pretty much what I've been doing the last couple of weeks, watching movies with Tam. She enjoys most things - Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks, to action adventures and comedy. Strange girl, sitting engrossed for The Fast and the Furious, but fidgets while watching Cbeebies.

Jo is still poorly with my cold - after all, ManFlu in a woman reverts to the lesser strain of "cold" or "GirlieSniffles". Germs just hit men harder is all... I helped out where I could while poorly - trying to help keep the house straight with washing up, laundry, and generally cleaning.

Anyways, I am on the mend now, so we shall have more blogging thankfully. Dusty blog, needs a good cleaning.

And lastly, after catching up with my blogs this morning, getting The Boy ready for school, I want to wish Tim and Tarnya over at The Special Zipper many congratulations once again. She's up the duff with their second child! Tim can put his feet up now - he's done the hard work ;)

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One Response to “Coming Out The Haze”

The Special Zipper said...

Why thank you very much sir .. and what hard work it was.

Glad to hear that manflu has been dispatched.