All Aboard!

I admit it, I am weak. I am shallow, and I am weak. However, as you regulars are no doubt aware, I am always tinkering around with something on here, messing with templates and formats and everything out there is to mess about with. I plunged into Blogger Beta with open arms, and with my winning personality, charm, and lightning wit (plus the bribery, blackmail and slander) I convinced several others to go Beta.

So Ya me. *cough*

You may notice, however, that I have changed my template. Again. And added a funky sig to each post. Go me. You may also notice, however, that new template is not so beta-ish. But I really liked it. Really really.

So yes, I am a weak fool, not only because a few people have been changing their templates - Alan in Ireland, Terri,(with her new blog "Steel Magnolia"I should add, which is now on my sidebar) and Jo, to name a few - but because I've yet to find the perfect template for me.

You can sue later.

On the other hand, it's not that different - the biggest issue being I can't list my Tags to the side (though I do have a hard-code-hack to do so), and don't get to mess with swanky Layout thingies, just back to hard coding. I'll survive...

Maybe ;)

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6 Responses to “All Aboard!”

Anonymous said...

I like this one.

DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...

eh....I like the colors, I like the pictures.....
I just want your links and your blogging switched....
I like links on the right, not left....
(I dont like to scroll over to read)

The Random One said...

Complain, complain, complain, Mom... Geeze! :P

It's alright, certainly different. I don't have the scroll to see everything like I had to do on my mom's computer. I don't speak the Latinese you have at the top there...

Also how do you change what the comments say? I've always wanted to change where it says "# comments" ... you know, like you have "2 had something to say..."

Ok... anyways... I like it. Cool stuff. :)

Alan said...

I like it! It's very... you.

I did change mine, as you mentioned. And was happy enough with it, but then a small minority couldn't view the page. Damn windows users. It works on my Mac!

Anyway, I reverted back to a bog standard template for now. It'll have to do until I get time to go CSS and XML fiddling again.

I wish blogger would have updated their templates when they moved out of beta.

Master betas!

debbie said...

I want a pretty blog to but dont know how, I want a picture too

Dan said...

Jenny - Thank you :D

Karin - I CAN switch it, but... erm... are you using a stamp-sized monitor or something?!

Christine - The comments are changed editing the HTML... You need to scroll through it and look for something like <$NumberBlogComments> comments<$LinkComments> or something, and change the word comments on it's own to something else.

Alan - Thank you :D I'm with you on the templates thing tho - the basic ones just annoy me as they are so, so... common! I'm still on new blogger, just don't get widgets or anything. Still, coding isn't as hard as it seems, and passes the time of day ;)

Deb - This big pic came with the template.

Tim - Yes, that is correct :)) A few others "read" the latin in the same way! hehe