A Bit Run Down

As has been noted here and there, poor old 0ddness has been a wee bit... Neglected, of late. I'm posting here and there, and generally not commenting on many blogs. Rest assured I AM still alive, and generally around, but things have been a bit up and down. Obviously, starting with Bethy's birthday, the wind kinda got blown from my sails. Then we had the Fortnight o' Flu, and now Jo is all germy.

I've gone from dozing on and off all day, to running around like a blue-assed-fly trying to keep up with everything, and it's knackering me out. Yesterday, I did the school run, had a coffee, did housework, sat down - and promptly fell asleep with Tam on me. Woke up just before 4pm and had to go shopping. Got in close to 6pm, we sorted dinner, bathed kids, sat down - 8.30pm. I tried to catch up with some blogs and promptly knocked a pint of coke over my keyboard.


Dismantled the keyboard, cleaned the gubbins, reassembled the keyboard, sat down. 9.30pm. "Let's have an early night." I suggested. No, not that way you pervs! So, but the time we sorted the house for bedtime, debating on drugging Tam who refused to sleep, got the cats in and fed, tidied up, sorted clothes and uniform for the following day... 10.30pm.

And then I was awake at 5am.

So anyway... I suspect my sails might be a wee bit wind-less for the better part of this month. We've had the birthday, we've had the hospital/operation anniversary, now we've got the two rushes to ICU, Valentines Day, and everything else to deal with up to the 21st.

And speaking of Valentines Day, that's another of those days that have a lot of bad memories. However, I'm still going to "do" V-Day. Just a week earlier. OUR Valentines Day will be the 7th, no doubt. Maybe earlier. Actual V-Day will just be another day :)

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7 Responses to “A Bit Run Down”

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I don't believe you.

Dan said...

Shouldn't you be asleep!?

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

OMG... Is it really you?????

Errr.... yes... I should be...

Dan said...

No I am just a very clever auto-replier ;) I even caught up on my email!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...
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Terri@SteelMagnolia said...
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Nancy Jensen said...

I don't believe you either.

And have a good V-day... just make sure not to confuse it with VD-day.