I Actually Survived

Despite the best efforts of Gravity, Karma, and the generic abuse of the Laws of Physics, I actually survived to bed last night, but not before getting beaten senseless by Tam. Some nights she goes to sleep, other nights... weeeell not so much. At 10pm last night, she became Hyperactive Girl in the 21st Century, which also translates to "Kicking the Shit out of Daddy". I survived though, that's the important part.

Regardless of yesterdays goings on and mishaps, I was once again up at stupid o'clock. Cannot figure why I am waking up and getting up so early, but meh. This morning, the kitchen is spotless, most of the washing up is done, and the floors are completely glass free. And Timmah, the reason I use a Broom instead of a Hoover is because we have a hard floor, and while your crazy upside-down Aussie Hoovers might be battery powered, our thing just pings everything around downstairs. So downstairs is Broom+Dustpan/Brush, while the middle floor and the top floor are the Realm of the Vacuum Cleaner.

Currently, I am home alone and loving it. I don't often get time to myself, when I don't trip over maurading toddlers, crazy women, or action-man incarnate. I can make myself a coffee without getting a tea, and a juice, and another juice, and some toast, and some crisps, and some sweets... I just do "what I want" at "my own speed".

Which, for the moment, is currently "frag-all" and "slower than a squished snail".

The tornado will return later though, in the form of two very very grouchy females after suffering from Needles. Tam is having some Jabs, while Jo is getting more of her back coloured.

See, Tam SHOULD have had these Jabs a looong time ago, but we've been having some issues with our family doctor. Sure, he is a nice enough chap, but when I was 10, he was the family doctor, and back then, he was old. Also, as Gemma will agree, his wife ticks. But anyway. Over the last few years, some Mr Docs decision making has been, shall we say, iffy. Now it turns out he hadn't gotten around to booking or ordering Tamsyns injections, so she's something like eight months behind. So she'll be bags of cheery fun later.

Oh, and did I mention the doc is currently on leave for 18 months. "Out of Date practices" is the charge. Eighteen months is also the longest the British Medical Association can strike a doctor off for.

Jo will also be a big happy bag of laughs from her back work being done. When the tattoo was first done, it was two weeks of her being a wimp. When she had some of it coloured, it was three weeks of her being an even bigger wimp. So she's having more done today. Joy.

Like people that drink too much and get poorly, I will have no sympathy for her. After all, to restore the balance after my adventures yesterday, I should wash her back with vinegar and a brillo pad.

Anyway, the 30,000 hits mark is approaching, and so far I've been bribed, threatened and generally people want to claim that big 30k mark. I've had an offer from Tim Down Under (who I notice is posting as I post!) for a prize, which means it won't actually be as craptastic as I thought it would be. Unless he posts a dirty nappy. So, for the time being (once I've actually spoken to the Aussie!), the person that submits the 30k screenshot will get:

  • - A sticky post for 7 days at the top of the blog, linking to their site
  • - A sparkling review from Yours Truly of your blog with me saying only nice things
  • - A prize from Tim (who, as my "sponsor" will get advertising!)
  • - A permanent link to the image for the world to see
No, I know it's not a lot, but it's not like it's Xmas or anything. Not yet, anyway!

Update: Tim has graciously made his offer to the person that hits 30k!
"Alright Dan .. here we go. As a hobby we list a few collectables on eBay.

If you would like, Beachside Collectables will offer the 30000 visitor any item in the store to the value of $40 (unfortunately I will limit it at one item due to postage)"
And in other news - in three posts time, I will have hit 800 posts on here!

Lastly - Timmah is hugging his lurkers this week, so if you've ever been over there, go and say howdy! You know you want to!

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5 Responses to “I Actually Survived”

Laney said...

I can't even find your counter Dan, so it won't be me!

Nancy Jensen said...

The prize of having you say ONLY NICE things about me would be worth it! LOL! That has never happened before.


The Random One said...



Dan said...

Laney - Hmmm wonder why some people are having problems - it SHOULD be at the bottom of the side bar...

Nancy - I KNEW that would catch your interest. And maybe anyone else that I've been mean to over the years. IE, most of the known world.

Christine - I think you've got a new addiction!

The Special Zipper said...

Alright Dan .. here we go. As a hobby we list a few collectables on eBay.

If you would like, Beachside Collectables will offer the 30000 visitor any item in the store to the value of $40 (unfortunately I will limit it at one item due to postage)