Now in a million years, no one else would likely notice this, and I am not even sure how I noticed, but I've tested it on both Firefox and Internet Explorer, but there it is. If you scroll from the top of the blog, right down to the bottom fairly quickly, you will notice the bottom is a lot thinner than the top. It gradually tapers downwards.

Now, it's not too bad really, but I will no doubt spend hours trying to work out what is wrong, and whether or not it's something I've done. Which is highly likely. But don't worry, I won't mess with it on here :)

Edit: OK, so I sort of figured it out, and it's all realigned now, but each post has a gap between it. NO clue why. Taking out the cause makes the blog get thinner the further south you go, putting it in puts a gap between posts. Meh.

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