My Clock Is Broken

However, I don't me either the tick-tick-ticking kind, nor the red-glow digital kind. I mean the internal, Body Clock kind. I am good with time most of the, erm, time. I can guess the time to within 20 minutes of the actual time. If I need to be up by a certain time, I will wake up 10 minutes before that time.

However, over the last week or so, the early-morning part of it has been on the fritz. Every morning in this time, my eyes have popped open just after 4am, and I am awake. Not just Roll-Over-And-Doze-Back-Off, but awake. I try my hardest to get back to sleep - refluff the pillows, adjust the duvet, push Jo off my side of the bed, move the dogs onto Jo's side of the bed, move Tam onto Jo's side of the bed, but by 4.30am-5.00am, I HAVE to get up.

But I have no idea why this is, and more's the point, it's not affecting me as yet. If I am woken up early, I am tired, crotchety, and grumpy all day and struggle to stay awake, but at the moment I am fine. I've tried early nights and late nights to no avail, I've tried skipping tea and coffee all day, just in case, I've even poodled downstairs, microwaved some milk, and STILL ended up getting up half an hour later, while the rest of the house is snoring. Even the cats don't give me a second look at this time of the day.

Now, I COULD be productive and get lots of housework done during this time, but most of the housework would be noisy. All the will achieve would be waking up everyone else, plus the neighbours, and pissing everyone off. No, usually, I have a shower, check the mail, browse the blog, and even pop onto WoW for a couple of hours - the server is quiet and I can run around with the stupid stuff without getting hassle from one side or another.

I am hoping with Jaysen being back at school from today (next break is Easter) that I will get tired doing the school runs, and resume my normal thing of waking up just before the alarm clock, but for the time being, I get to watch the sunrise. Again.

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4 Responses to “My Clock Is Broken”

Nancy Jensen said...

BLIMEY! That's early! Some nights I'm just getting to bed about about that time. Or should I say mornings... Jess has been having a tough time sleeping as of late - well, she always has a hard time sleeping - but it's been really bad lately.

I wonder how many times you said "time" in your last "timely" post.

Laney said...

I often feel better during the day if I get up earlier. Too much sleep makes me feel like crap!

The school run is bound to wear you out, it does me!

The Special Zipper said...

Lucky there is no effect at all ... except your typing ... this comes from the master of typing of course who spells "insurance" .. "insurace"

Nancy Jensen said...

I kept looking at those two words and for the life of me couldn't figure out what was wrong with the way TIMAAH spelled it... until I saw them side by side right above here. duh... an "n" was missing. I knew it looked wrong but lack of sleep kept me from knowing what was wrong. (at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it)