The Holy Grail

We have found it, discovered it, grasped it, nurtured it. Eternal Youth? Permanent Wealth? The Meaning of Life? The Truth of Religion vs. Science?? No no, something that only a parent can understand, something only a person with children attached can ever truly comprehend.

And that is the kidnapping of an adult to babysit so the parents can go out as adults and not parents.

Now, this might sound like a strange concept to most people - surely as a parent you have to be an adult all the time. Grown-up, mature, responsible. Hey - I can be! Anyway, it's hard to explain to someone that's not a parent, but when out with the kids, you watch what you eat and what they eat, you skip various subjects, you talk about schools, homework, shopping...

But as an adult, well, adults can do what they like. Without a kid in tow, you can talk about sex, laugh over jokes that you probably shouldn't laugh at, and talk about wild escapades - all while drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and - more than likely - playing drinking games.

So for the first time in.... er... "A Long Time", me and Jo have managed to collar a Babysitter that isn't family, and managed to arrange a night of drunken laughs with Ruth and her fella Paul. Best Bit? Megan (The Babysitter) doesn't mind what time we bowl back in, be it midnight, 2am, 11pm, whatever :D

So, there is a good chance of a drunken post sometime later tonight! Woot Adults!

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3 Responses to “The Holy Grail”

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...


I'm jealous,
I can't remember a night that Mike and I had alone together....
(we can't leave Matthew w/ just anyone right now)

Maybe Mike and I will run to England sometime and we'll have a few!!

Deni said...

Have a great time tonight,you both deserve some adult time.Take care.Deni

Anonymous said...

We too had our first non family babysitter experience a few weeks ago... was great!!! And we both remarked on how easy it is to forget you actually have children when you're out and drinking!! lol