The Week In A Post (Pt, er, 9?)

Yay For Dan! I managed to churn out two weekly-round-up posts on two consecutive weeks! Go Me! The week here at Chez 0ddness (With a Zero...) has been go go go as is fricking normal. The weather has alternated between gales and pissing rain, to "just damp" to brilliant spring with blue skies and bright sunlight. Spring is well on the way. As is Jo's birthday next month. Ugh.

The world of the blogsphere - ie, you lot - has been busy, with 0ddness racking up huge amounts of traffic from the proverbial magicians hat with the 30k mark getting closer. Added to that, I've been exploring other blogs out there in the wilds, finding more whacky and wonderful people to meet and greet, shake hands, take the piss, and generally chatter with. There's something addictive about blogging, I swear. All the links down the side there are blogs I personally read daily. Actually, that's a lie, as I read them multiple times a day, looking for updates, perusing through archives, basically spying on their past. All very interesting.

My comments have also started increasing an impressive amount, which is like another form of addictive narcotic. Before I liked to see the crap I've written on the web. Then I was impressed when the hit counter creaked over into extra digits. Then when I started getting comments. Then when people came from nowhere, or I was linked elsewhere, or people found me through word of mouth. And again, I've had people suggest a Donation button and Banner Ads. As I've said before, I do this because I enjoy it. Not because I have to, not as a job, but because I like to spew my crap out. I HATE banners, Popups and ads in general, hence the lack-thereof. And a Donation button would annoy me, as I feel guilty when I don't give to others with them, I wouldn't want others to feel guilty. Want to make a donation? Say Hi in the comments section!

Anyway, as is usally the case when I am wandering the web, following links and everything else, I've come across a few more blogs that are fun to read - either making you think, giving you entertainment, or people just posting frankly about what they are up to. Four new ones to report on this week. Deeper Shades of Red is written by Burg, lets readers chose her subjects, and has been stalked by yours truly! Miss Britt uses her blog as an outlet to talk about whatever, be it fashion advice to talking about her life. Queen of the Mayhem rants and raves about, well, whatever takes her fancy, and she thinks Terri is great, so clearly she has a screw loose! hehe Lastly, we have the Rantings of Deb, who is heavily preggers (and with details to boot!), and discusses pretty much what takes her fancy.

All good stuff! Go say Howdy!

And lastly, before the blog roundup - a special mention to JennyHaHa. She's had a week that started with Wolf Crotch, but Friday morning I got an email about her hubby in an icky car accident. He's concussed and bruised, but otherwise OK. So here's to a quick mend for him. Which he needs, living with her ;)

So - this week. Remember - no updates for a week, I skip over you!

  • - Alan in Scotland has been playing at boot sales and ebay, and has taken a risk on some crap!
  • - Nancy has posted some very deep, philosophical questions to push your mind to the limit. Kinda.
  • - Gretchen has a Hump Day and covers several topics in one hit.
  • - Mary manages to sum up her day with a music video (which rocks, BTW!)
  • - Cassi (who's blog is open to all once more) posts 16 rules she tries to live by.
  • - China Blue remembers her blog! This time she covers the choices of Childless, vs Child-Free.
  • - Claire posts about her day of good and bad stuff all hitting within one 24 hour period.
  • - Debbie has fun trying to work out what to buy people as gifts.
  • - Burg set a quiz to find her in America, which I won, and chose her next topic of blogging!
  • - Deni is having a hard time with the end of Februay - go give the girl a hug!
  • - Karin fills a post with good causes, after receiving messages from various charities!
  • - Emma has been busy writing school reports. So busy, in fact, that she's vanished!
  • - Other Emma makes a weeny change to her life, and joins the becomes a witch, oops, devil worshipper, er, evil, um...
  • - The Other Jenny discusses why The Name Game is bad, and reveals the true identity of Mighty Mouse...
  • - Jeanne and her tribe get their first hit of snow. Four Inches. Unlike the UK, she doesn't grind to a halt.
  • - India finds a series of books aimed at young kids preparing for hospital.
  • - Joansy has a very cute daughter with an imaginary friend...
  • - Nutty Mummy has to take one of her wee ones into hospital - and we've all been here!
  • - Luna discusses her love, her lessons, and her life - as well as the evils of her local weather (Adult Blog Warning)
  • - G-Man goes to the gym, and observes his fellow gym-goers, thankfully skipping the sweaty-crotch descriptions!
  • - Miss Britt observes her fellow bloggers, and how strange it is so many of us meet, get on, and appreciate one another, all without meeting.
  • - Laney proves I exist, and her son starts at a new school. As well as life-changing upheavals on the horizon!
  • - Queen makes a new friend from the world of the blogsphere!
  • - Reynolds posts about the level of "care" the elderly receive in a lot of nursing homes.
  • - Christine gets an offer out of the blue that she - thankfully - turned down. Note: Work on my mexican accent ;)
  • - Deb has an interesting "interaction" with her unborn baby. Babies are so fun!
  • - Jenny starts plotting her new year bird-killing quota after last years adventures.
  • - Tim cries into his Fosters as the UK becomes the source of most of his visits. Probably people making sure he's staying in Australia.
  • - Terri tells us about her eldest son, Casey, and how smart he is - not to mention well dressed!
  • - Brian slowly drowns in work, and forgets the most important less of all men. Always do yourself up before walking into class.
  • - Michael gives us a montage of Mathews expressions, from angelic to monster!
As for the rest of the World Wide Web, well, there's a few bits that amused and interested me as normal! And remember - click the red parts at your own peril!
  • - Drawing In Snow - Taking snow-drawning to a new level. I can do it, but I make it yellow... (Photos)
  • - Warcraft Cake - If only I could make a cake like this! (Photos)
  • - Everybody Panic - Guide your mouse thingie through the maze to the green dot. (Flash Game)
  • - Ye Olde Keyboard - What happens when geeks meet antiques? (Photo Article)
  • - Windows XP Install - To say this computer was under the reccommended specs would be an understatement! (Article)
  • - Cooking With Pigs Trotters - Exactly how it sounds. Looks vile too (YouTube Video) (*Gross Content Warning*)
  • - Making Ugly Less-So - A gallery of "normal" women that have had a make over. Some of them are very well done. (Photo Gallery)
  • - Zesty Art - Clay, Granite, Marble, Canvas, oil paints... Oranges? (Photo Gallery)
  • - Table Hockey - We've all played Air Hockey, but this is Table Hockey with Ice (Photos/Article/Video)
  • - Bowling Skills - OK, I suck at bowling at the best of times, but this must take practice (Video)
So, I think that covers it for this week! Lots to read, places to visit, things to see. I am sure if you're bored, you can come on over! And as of writing, there are less than 130 visits remaining to the big 30k. To recap, the person that is visitor #30,000 AND proves it with a ScreenShot, they will get the following:
- A sticky post for 7 days at the top of the blog, linking to their site
- A sparkling review from Yours Truly of your blog with me saying only nice things
- A prize from Tim (who, as my "sponsor" will get advertising!)
- A permanent link to the image for the world to see
No, I know it's not a lot, but it's not like it's Xmas or anything. Not yet, anyway! And in regards to the prize from Tim, here's his comment:
"Alright Dan .. here we go. As a hobby we list a few collectables on eBay.

If you would like, Beachside Collectables will offer the 30000 visitor any item in the store to the value of $40 (unfortunately I will limit it at one item due to postage)"
So - fingers on the print-screen button! Visitor 30k here you come! If you DON'T get 30k, but get CLOSE on the other side - that is, 30001 and so on, send a screenshot anyway - if 30k is submitted, then we'll see who gets closest!

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5 Responses to “The Week In A Post (Pt, er, 9?)”

The Random One said...

YUCK! I have to say, some of those makeup jobs are absolutely horrible.... Waaaay overdone.

Less is more, anyone?

Then of course they had to squeeze one lady into a dress she did not fit in...! Boob-spillage.

Also, ick.

Well, that was fun! Thanks for the mention.

Bobby D. said...

blog roundup, wheew, thanks It is a tough job , glad you are doing it.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Dan ... you are the best ...

I love your blog ... your blog was my first "blog love". That's how I came upon Timmmmahhhh (The Special Zipper) and of course our dear Nancy!!!

I love how you do a re cap on other people's blog... you're such a good e~friend...

a big silly.... but a good friend...

I'm feeling stressed ... that 30K is coming quick... it's hard for me to be on the computer when Mikey is home.....I fear I might miss it!!

I love Queen of Mayhem, too..
she's a doll! We do have a lot in common... and we had such fun chatting.. ON THE PHONE!

hum... so is Burg, Underwear Girl... I mean Flaw & Disorder (JennyHaHa) ... I better not get started.....


Queen of the Mayhem said...

Thanks for mentioning my little ole' blog! I feel so special! You must stay tuned as you never know what my neurotic little mind will come up with next!!

I am glad I found your blog! You are very funny!

The Special Zipper said...

30000 has been reached but I think there has been some skullduggery from the conversation in the chatbox. Glad you are the adjudicator Dan.