Musical Monday Wednesday #11 - Zocalo

Yes, this IS a Musical Monday post, and yes, it IS Wednesday. You could sue me, but I am sure none of you want my assets ;)

I meant to post this on Monday but it just never happened, so I figured I would post it on another Monday. But then I decided I might want to post something else by then, and so, in the grand scheme of things, I lost the plot.

But anyway.

I love Trance music - electronic stuff mixed, sampled, remixed - it's all very clever and beyond me (me, who is about as musical as a grapefruit), but I love it none the less. I considered looking for a hardcore-trance style track, but instead opted for this quieter, more sedate tune. Armin Van Buuren Ft. Gabriel & Dresden - Zocalo is music, no singing, no chorus, no fancy lyrics. I love the beat, I love the peaceful undertones of the song, I love how it remains peaceful and quiet even with the fast beat overlaid. Sort of like my life really. I relax and can fall asleep to this track. The video is also quite cool for the Dancing Girlies aspect, but I suspect it's just something cobbled together for EyeCandy as most dance tracks seem to be. It's nothing rude, just some skin and gyrating ;)

I suspect you will either love or hate this song, and only a few of you will take a middle-ground. I'd be interested in hearing your views on it, just from "other peoples" points of view. Hope you enjoy.

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One Response to “Musical Monday Wednesday #11 - Zocalo”

Stuart Wilson said...

You love trance and electronic stuff buy you've not heard of Tiesto????? :o)

Good song by the way, especially when it gets going half way through. Could listen to this stuff for hours