Bloody Ouch!

Cast your mind back a few days, dear Reader, and you may recall me telling you of my large case of "The Zaps" in this post. Medicinal Withdrawal leading to the feeling of electrical shocks running through my body. Horrible but something I can deal with as it's more offputting than painful.

So, today. Bear in mind I am tired, achey and not really thinking straight anyway, especially after SHE led me to believe today was a school day. But, she wanted a cuppa, so out of the kindness of my heart, I went downstairs and set about making her one. While the tea was stewing, armed with my trusty teaspoon, I wandered to the bottom of the stairs and started to call up to see if she wanted anything else.

I never actually finished my sentence. While I was talking I was shooing a fly around with the teaspoon. SOMEHOW I managed to put said-metal spoon into the light socket that has no bulb in it. Added to this, SOMEONE had left the lightswitch on. The result?

Me receiving a sudden burst of electricity, cutting the light circuit out and dropping to the floor with a dead arm. This was a few hours ago, and my arm is still killing me and my fillings still feel all ozoney. The switch is now OFF, but there's not a bulb in there still.

Moral? Don't wander around with a teaspoon in this house as the WORST could happen!

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11 Responses to “Bloody Ouch!”

Nancy Jensen said...

OUCH!!!!! I think the moral of the story should be: don't leave a light bulb socket empty. I always leave the burned out bulb in there until I have a new one to replace it. Who knows... Dan could show up at my house and stick a spoon in it. Geesh!

But we need the answer to the question everyone has wondered since electricity was invented:
Did the electrical shock curl your hair?

Dan said...

Tell me about it - but I am such a fuss-pot I HATE leaving dead bulbs in the socket! Guess that'll change now!!

And it didn't curl my hair - I've been shocked on several occasions, and only twice did my hair stand up. The hairs on my arm were sticking up mind you ;)

The Special Zipper said...

Almost amusing but not really. Don't mess with the electrical juice Mr English ... you don't usually come off good.

I guess it has been a while since your last incident .. what about a week maybe and quite a while since the slapstick commedy of you walking on glass etc many, many months ago .. maybe almost a year ago.

Em's way said...

PMSL sorry Dan, I know its not really funny but you have my entire family PTSL at the moment at the thought of you swatting a fly and getting electrocuted hehehe

Still could have been worse, could have been after you made the tea, then the spoon would have been wet and that would have been even more spectacular !!

Gary is still chuckling :D

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Oh my heck!!

You poor thing!! That sounds horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

debbie said...

hey Dan its not so bad at least your still with us and hopefully your hands are not burn't my brother some years ago (a plumber) cut what he thought was a mains water pipe,, nope landed in hossy with black hands after being thrown several feet..

well Dan either leave the dead bulb in the socket, have a supply of blubs to hand or stop waving teaspoons about your head..

poor you hope your feeling ok,,, has the shock helped with your headaches and bad back buy the way??

Anonymous said...

Hehehe I was wetting myself when he came up, all dejected and hurty, knowing he'd been a numpty!

And he even managed to bring my tea up with his non fried arm hehe, bless his accident prone socks...

Gretchen said...


Posh Totty said...

PMSL so hard!!! sorry but that has made my day :oD

I hope you are not too sore Dan and sorry to laugh.

Anonymous said...

hehheeee you numpty


still wondering how you managed to come up with the great idea of shoving the spoon int he socket?


Unknown said...

umm...yeah. wow.
i'm sorry, dan, but that comes close to being a runner-up in the darwin awards...