Crappy Days

With Jaysen being back at school, I have noticed something has cropped back up. Pain and Tiredness.

Trying to get back into the routine of "Get Up, Get Sorted, Get Out, Get In, Get Tidy, Get Fed, Get Re-Sorted, Get Out, Get In, Get Dinner..." It's bloody never ending, and I'm finding less and less time to do anything. This morning I struggled to peel myself out of bed, hardly had the energy to shower, let alone wash and dry my hair.

THEN once I was sorted, and Jaysen was sorted, it was a case of fight the old buggers in town milling around every fricking aisle I needed. The old idiots walk even slower than me and act like they own the world. Yes I sound ageist, but none the less, please, when someone appears to be in a bit of a rush, don't stand there and glare at "the rude young man" just get out his bloody way!

Don't even remind me how close Xmas is...

And now, I've managed to eat some lunch, take my meds (late) and am trying not to fall asleep on this ever-so-comfortable sofa. I'm hurting, the pills aren't taking the edge off anything, but I can't fall asleep as Tam is maurading and Jo is asleep. Plus I am smelling evil stinky something, while no one else can, so it's time for headache pills as well!

So don't be surprised that posting is sporadic over the next day or three ;)

Oh, and in reply to the previous comments, I didn't put the spoon in the socket on purpose, I didn't decide to do it on a spur of a moment kinda thing, it just "happened". No Darwin Award for me, but that's no great loss. The post Tim mentioned in regards to the broken glass is Here. And that was only February!

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2 Responses to “Crappy Days”

Nancy Jensen said...

So sorry that you are suffering so much. I hate pain. I'm not like most people.... pain hurts me!

And, to set the record straight... I said that you "accidentally" put spoons into light sockets... or did I? If I didn't, I meant to. Anyway... I know you are accident-prone but you didn't do it on purpose.

Gretchen said...

Did someone say Christmas?

There's a reason I do 90% of my shopping online!