Bored Much?

The dreary, dull, meh'tastic days are rolling in, and it's only just October. Thankfully, I have the most powerful tool at my disposal to assist me in such cold wet days...

The Mighty Mighty Intarweb!

And, in case you are as bored sh!tless as I am, I have once again found other random "stuff" to pass on to help you pass the time. Now, you may only kill a few minutes clicking the linkies, but it's a few less minutes that you're bored! All Hail Dan ;)

  • Faces - Other people see faces in stuff too!
  • Food - Ugly, strange or otherwise peculiar
  • Meat - A blog of strange foods from Asia
  • Invisibility - You can buy it, and more!
  • Squirrel - Mission Impossible stylee
  • Games - See those kick-ass computer graphics!
  • Birds - Alfred Hitchcock but more disturbing
  • Kitten - For you girlies sorts, a cute kitty eating a melon!
That should tide you over till I post again... er... sometime in the future! hehe

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One Response to “Bored Much?”

Lara said...

Hahaha, loving the "faces in places" website, I always seem to find them myself.

Reminds me of a friend's website that he's recently started - check it out, it's all about making the world a happier place!