Some days are just blue. Some days, I just want to curl up and ignore the world because, quite simply, I'm just not happy. I suspect this is mostly to do with my meds slowly re-balancing out, but I'm just feeling very meh today. I've read some blogs, some comics, some "amusing" sites, but just sort of sat here waiting for the next sigh to escape my lips.

Part of me wishes I had a hobby - something I could do anywhere, like photography - but getting started usually means decent gear, which means money. Of course, if I get a hobby that other people can "use", then it won't be a hobby any more, like tinkering with computers. The thought of repairing a computer now just pisses me off, where as before I would reinstall over and over, dismantle and rebuild and generally tweak around with them.

I set up the fish tank the other day - it's been empty for ages, so I washed it all out and set it up, thinking I was getting some baby fish. Turns out I might have to wait a few weeks. Great, a few weeks with an empty tank. I could buy some fish, but then they might well eat the babies when I get them.

I cleaned through the house yesterday - literally top to bottom. Took me hours, cleaning, tidying, hoovering. The kids are slobs that trashed the place - by the time they went to bed, it looked like I'd done nothing.

I've just got crap going on inside my head which I'm hoping will pass during the course of the day. I'm hoping it's also weather-related - it's grey, wet and windy once again. Ho hum indeed.

Blink 182 - Down

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5 Responses to “Down”

Anonymous said...


well thats given me summit to ponder doing the cleaning to.

oh bought the atari's album due to that video you posted ... one sync'd mp3 player later & i am off with a mission

hugs to the low one.. when i am low i crochet can't quite see you doing that but if you ever wanna learn?

Big smoochy kiss

g-man said...

Amazing how kids can do that to a house. I have the same issues. Hope you feel better soon. In the meantime there are lots of boob pictures out there because of Facebook taking down breast feeding mother pictures.

Boobs make me happy. :)

Anonymous said...

well my lovely I am there with u on the blue day. its not just been blue for me but my life is literally falling apart just after i begun to pick myself up after my miscarriage etc. Life really is a sack of shit!

Dan said...

Hang in there Lane darlin. You know where I am if you need to rant and scream.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

OH Dan..
you are such a love bug...
I am so sorry you're having a hard time...
wish I could do something for you...

I know eating helps me...??