Pack Up Yer Troubles

And so it came to pass, Dear Reader, that as of 5pm this afternoon, Jo and Tam are off housesitting till the weekend. "But Dan!" I hear you cry "Isn't Jaysen at school this week?" And yes, the little man is still at school, which means Me and The Boy will not be traipsing across Basildon twice a day. No no, Me and The Boy will be lazing here in our pants, drinking shandy and burping/farting till our day is content.

Jo and The Girl will be doing makeup, hair, nails and whatever else it is that girlies do, without causing Me and They Boy to hack up a lung or anything.

This means that one of us drawn the short straw, but I'm not sure who. The house here is chaos, which means I'll get the house sorted without "Outside Interference" while Jo has to look after random critters and a "sick" old fart which isn't me for once. Of course, it's not helped by the fact I keep telling Jo the old fart will probably pop-her-clogs while Jo is there.

No, I shouldn't laugh, but then I am an evil shit.


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