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Because all the cool kids are doing them, I've been slaving away on this list for a while now. If you want to do one, I tag you to list:

100(+) Things You May or May Not Know About Me!
  1. I was christened Daniel, but will answer to pretty much anything.
  2. I hate being called Danny, yet my entire family still insist on calling me it.
  3. My parents divorced when I was 6, and later remarried other people. I have a sister, a half brother, a half sister, as well as a multitude of step-whatevers.
  4. I could watch the old Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry cartoons all day. The new versions are pants.
  5. I hate TV, and will only watch a TV show if I have the box set on DVD.
  6. I am trying to find the perfect diet - but till then, I will just eat and scoff what I like!
  7. Despite my "on-line" self being almost identical to my "in-person" self, I am completely and utterly useless in social situations.
  8. And I am the most shy male I have ever come across.
  9. My childhood friend went mad and I lost contact with him. I wish I could find him and get into permanent contact with him.
  10. I get on better with members of the opposite sex, and have never been a "blokey bloke".
  11. I believe in Ghosts, UFOs, Angels - but not Organised Religion.
  12. I don't "get" poetry, prose, art or - especially - modern sculptures. I worry sometimes that I am an uncouth heathen.
  13. I think some celebrities are treated too harshly by the media and should be left alone.
  14. I think some criminals are given an easy ride by the media and should be treated harsher.
  15. I want to learn a new hobby, but everything that interests me costs too much.
  16. Aside from a normal I.T Class and a further course, I am completely self-taught when it comes to computers and software.
  17. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life.
  18. I have smoked one cigar, on the night Jaysen was born.
  19. Aside from Kellie, I find it very hard to talk to anyone about anything personal. It takes a long time to get me to open up about anything.
  20. I can no longer use the public library in this county due to an overdue book I lost. When asked about it, I panicked and left the library.
  21. I could honestly watch any movie I enjoy over and over without getting bored.
  22. My first "Big Screen Movie" experience was the My Little Pony movie for my sisters birthday.
  23. I can name 90% of the songs on my computer from the first few seconds of the track.
  24. I suck at learning words to songs.
  25. I can honestly sit in front of a computer all day "browsing the internet" and only get up if I really need a pee.
  26. I believe there is a lot more in the world that we have yet to see - good or bad, I don't know.
  27. I enjoy reading "conspiracy theories" and take in what they say, but can never decide if the "Truth" or the "Conspiracy" is more believable.
  28. Wring this list is a damn sight harder than I thought it'd be!
  29. The only food I truly detest with a passion is Fish Fingers. I can eat anything else, be it dead, alive, wiggly or other.
  30. I worry about upsetting my friends over almost anything else.
  31. Women - regardless of their shape or size - are beautiful to me. However, Body Odour on *anyone* makes me feel sick.
  32. I worry that smell of B.O is coming from me, regardless how recent my last shower.
  33. I love to sit and just watch/listen to random strangers go about their business. I could spend all day in a coffee shop just watching the world go by.
  34. I would love to do something amazing for charity - walk around England, walk across Europe, or something else to do with walking.
  35. I wouldn't even know how to start getting into shape, or planning the logistics of it all.
  36. I love to cook big, extravagant meals with lots of guests.
  37. I hate to eat my own big, extravagant meals and can always find a million problems with each dish.
  38. When Bethany died, I actually contemplated suicide for a short time.
  39. I think suicide is the biggest, cowardly method of escaping problems, and have hit people that have told me they want to do it.
  40. My belief in Heaven, Angels, Demons and Hell are very complicated and always have been.
  41. Despite everything I've been through, the only time I thought I would die was when an artery damaged during appendix surgery ruptured and showered my room with blood.
  42. I hate how I look and would change so much given the chance. "Low Self Image" doesn't even come close to describing it.
  43. I hate snakes more than any other creature.
  44. Sharks intrigue me and terrify me at the same time. I still get scared swimming in open water and convince myself I am going to get attacked at any second.
  45. Even in English waters.
  46. Even in Rivers and Lakes.
  47. I hated every moment of school.
  48. I wish I knew how to find my old Form Tutor to thank her for getting me through school.
  49. I've only see three of the top ten movies on the IMDb All Time Great Movies
  50. When washing up cups/mugs, they *must* be sorted by size (Biggest to Smallest), and all the handles have to point in the same direction.
  51. If the mugs are not arranged as above, I am certain they do not dry properly.
  52. I *hate* mathematics after having it forced onto me as a child. Even today, I tend to use my fingers to add up.
  53. I take pleasure in putting junk mail in the reply-envelopes of other junk mail.
  54. I have a very low self-image, which is why you very rarely catch me on the business-end of a camera - photographic or otherwise.
  55. I often try to find names from my past on the internet, but am too shy to contact those people I do find.
  56. I occasionally see people I went to school with in town, but never know what to say to them.
  57. I think most of the people from school hated me anyway.
  58. I often think about posting various things on my blog, but get all panicy over what people might think.
  59. I think some of this information would change a lot of peoples views about me.
  60. I suspect my family would have some choice words to say to me.
  61. No, I won't tell you anyway.
  62. I don't know why I constantly feel the need to change my blog template.
  63. I want to change it right now because it's not "just so"
  64. If I could live anywhere, it'd be in the middle of nowhere - a forest, preferably - with a log fire, lots of thick rugs and soft furnishings.
  65. I can draw the floor layouts of every house I've lived in - as well as the houses of my close relatives.
  66. My feet are stupidly large, and getting me footwear is a mission.
  67. I'm not telling if the old wives tale is true ;)
  68. I've been fishing once in my life and caught one fish.
  69. While trying to remove the hook from the fish, I accidentally pulled it's head off. I've never fished since.
  70. I love the smell of petrol as it's being pumped.
  71. I enjoy extremes of weather, especially thunder storms.
  72. I even enjoy watching TV Shows about "wildest weather" on Discovery and similar channels.
  73. I don't know my blood type, but believe it's something strange.
  74. People using excessive punctuation (Like, Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!) should have all forms of punctuation forcibly removed from their keyboard. It drives me mad.
  75. People that use animated icons on MSN that replace words in a sentence should have their computer confiscated - trying to read a ten-word sentence with six animated icons is a reason for murder.
  76. Toilet paper should hang from the top of the roll, not the bottom.
  77. On the various occasions I was bullied as a child and told my mother and step-father, they never believed me and assumed I was lying.
  78. I once burned one of my lips on a cuppa. My parents believed I was addicted to drugs and abusing solvents, and grilled me for two days about my addiction. I still think my mother believes I was a drug addict.
  79. I received so little pocket money, it would have taken me about six months of saving to afford one hit of anything!
  80. The sum total of my drug habit has been two special brownies, and one special chocolate cake, all within the last 18 months.
  81. The special cakes did nothing for me at all.
  82. I very rarely sing aloud, and if caught, I get embarrassed and shut up.
  83. While I am a pacifist by nature, on the two occasions I've been jumped, I beat the living crap out of my assailants.
  84. One of these fights was against two guys armed with baseball bats.
  85. I wasn't freaked out at all until I got home, and discovered one of the guys teeth caught on a thread at my wrist.
  86. The police didn't give a crap.
  87. I believe that people shouldn't take me very seriously - life's too short.
  88. If I am ribbing/tasking the piss out of/generally having a laugh with you, it means I like you.
  89. If I am quiet, polite and don't say a lot to you, it probably means I don't like you.
  90. I feel like I've known some of my friends for a lot longer than I actually have.
  91. I also believe I've known some of you in a previous incarnation.
  92. Judging by my bad luck in this life, I suspect I was probably a WW2 War Criminal.
  93. And you all worked for me.
  94. While I don't believe in my horoscope, I believe in the various "Traits" of different star signs.
  95. I am an a-typical Virgo.
  96. I still suffer with acne, as I did as a teenager.
  97. I don't think it makes me look younger.
  98. You will never see me in short-shorts, speedos, vest/muscle tops, or anything see-through.
  99. In fact, you will be very hard-pushed to see me topless, even if the temperature is cooking eggs on the pavement.
  100. I can't believe I figured (almost) one hundred things about me. It's only taken me a week to compile this list.
  101. I had to use other peoples "100 Things About Me" lists for inspiration...
  102. In December 2007, I became a guest author for About:Blank
  103. I became a single dad in March 2008, and while me and Jo are still friends, it's the second most devastating thing to ever happen to me.
  104. In June 2008 it became apparent I was falling for a friend that I had been socialising with for several weeks...
  105. Luckily for me, the feelings were mutual and I didn't look a complete muppet!

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8 Responses to “Tagged: 100 (and more!) Things...”

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Dan, but no, in my last life, I didn't work for you.
Maybe in the next?

Anonymous said...

After reading this I love ya even more Dan!

Anonymous said...

If I signed my name then everyone would know who loves you!

Dan said...

pah and pfft! feel free to let me know who you are if you're bored ;)

Anonymous said...

i remember some of those,

ur a real funny guy.x

from cassie h.

Megan said...

I didn't know you hated sharks too, I well hate them. It was fun learning about you, you're great don't be such a numpty! x

The Girlie said...

Wish you put your email address somewhere on your site so I could email you about a business proposal..

Dan said...

Don't be an automated spammer and you'd see it all over the blog..