Gas Man TOO Funny!!

OK, this post was going to be detailing the man from the Gas Meter company. However, I changed this post to the following.

A Crunch
A Loud Cry
A Laughing Dan
A Trip to Hospital

Yes folks, Jo somehow managed to stack it down the stairs with a thud. She fell down... you know.. nothing, and Tam ricocheted off her. Both girls, on the stairs, crying. Jo is a grown up so I checked Tam first - who was fine. Jo however. Well, she had issues getting up and her foot went a very nice bluey colour.

"Call your mum" I said.

So after she called her mum, went to Accident & Emergency, was amazed at the new system in the hospital which saw her in by 21:30 and out by 23:00, she managed to point out the bone in her foot she snapped in two. Comedy Gold I tell ya.

The idiot version - where your big toe joins your foot, she's snapped the bone above that joint. I'm sure it's a metatarsal but not sure (I remember hands are metacarpals and feet are metatarsals because the T in the latter is T for Toes) but none the less, she's on pain killers and sulking in bed, while I am - at nearly 2am - finishing this post and feeling rough as dogs with my cold.

She always steals my thunder!

Anyway, gravity striking again notwithstanding, I will post about the Gas Man tomorrow. And I don't mean *parp* stinky gas man.

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5 Responses to “Gas Man TOO Funny!!”

Em's way said...

Awww poor Jo, give her my love and hope you are waiting on her hand and errhum foot !!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you guys are a bit in the wars at the moment... what with your stinky cold and Jo's foot.
You'll just have to get the children to play a new game called look after mummy and daddy. Tam can wander round with a cup of tea strapped to her head and Jaysen can fill it and hot water bottles so you two can throw them at each other :D
Seriously, look after yourselves and hope all is back to "normality" soon.
Big hugs,

g-man said...

Bummer for her. Glad Tam is ok. Not sure why that kind of thing is funny, but it is. :)

P.s. Like the new Sex Drugs & Rock and roll header.

debbie said...

Poor Jo, I can totally sympathise with her,, I broke the bone alone my little toe in a car accident 14 years ago,, it still hurts, when hot and cold,, they plastered my leg up to my knee and I was abondoned by Martin to stay at mums for a month..

Let her rest lots and lots

The Random One said...

Hope she feels better soon!

Bluey color :X