...And A Happy New Year

So, without too much hassle *cough*lies*cough* Christmas is over. Done and Dusted. El Finito. Felt like it was forever in coming (almost a year in fact!), lingered for ages and then finally, it's gone.

Now, the final hurdle of the season is New Years Eve. The year is over, hooray yay etc etc. And for a change, we're off to a fancy dress party. But, me being me, I'm not a partier. No doubt once I am there I will be fine, but the threat of being surrounded by people and having to be social... I don't know. Jo is a partier, and no doubt she will be burning up the dance floor, having laughs and fun, while I reacquaint myself with my good friends One Warm Beer and Mr Corner.

But anyway.

Unlike the rest of the world, I won't be making Top Ten Lists of anything. Best movies of the year, best song of the year (or even, All Time Best *anything*). Strangely and mostly, I don't think I can think of ten of the best movies, songs, TV Shows or anything else. I contemplated ten best blog posts, but most of my blog posts are me whining and moaning about something!

Can you tell I'm tired this morning ;)

Anyways, with everything still poodling along here, kids still hyper and mental, I'm not sure I will be posting before next year (hehe), so will take this opportunity to wish all my readers, regulars and newcomers alike, a very happy new year. Here's to 2008 being slightly less....

What's the word I want here.... Ah yes,

Shit ;)

And New Year Resolutions? I fully intend to become a lot less........ FAT.

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8 Responses to “...And A Happy New Year”

Posh Totty said...

May 2008 be a good one and being everything you wish for ;o) xxx

Posh Totty said...

and of course when I said being I meant Bring ..... told ya Im blonde hehe!! *Blush*

Phoenix said...


Suze said...

Hi Dan,

I tried to email you but it was bounced by your server.

Sorry but I accidentally deleted you comment on my post with the spam emails this morning.

If you would like to readd your comment I promise not to delete it again. *blush*

Sorry about having to get through to you via comments.

Emma said...

With you on the less 'shit' next year!!!! Happy New Year babe! xxx

Dan said...

New year seen in. More to follow on that tomorrow no doubt.

Thanks for the messages, and Emma, 2008 will be a good one ;)

Suze, thanks for stopping by and letting me know you deleted me :D hehe Of course, if I had entered my email address correctly, then it would have been easier. So I can blush in return :D

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Dan...thanks for another interesting year of reading your blog. :)

Happy New Year to you and yours, and I agree-here's to a thinner year. May we see less of each other in it. ;)

Anonymous said...

totally with the less shite year next year, 2007 sucked big time 2008 has to be a good one :)