Arse & Dammit

It has to be said that the last few days have been less than successful on the "being online" front. Sunday the intarweb was on a go slow. I mean, we're talking treacle-slow. Minutes to open the main google page. MSN unable to connect. Nothing working right.

Not even WoW would connect.

So, needless to say, I was a bit peeved at my lack of connectivity, and like all true red-blooded males, I took matters into hand. So I connected to my modem directly (I know the IP address), messed with the internal settings, I messed with my router, I messed with with settings...

Somehow and mysteriously, the internet then broke. Completely, utterly, wouldn't even SEE the internet, let alone stay on it and remain connected.


Now, the cynics among you would assume that I, Master of Technology, perhaps broke it. Shocking, really, to consider that I would do any such thing. So I unplugged it all and left it over night to see if that helped. Upon getting up this morning, I connected it all back up and it connected to the web and STAYED on. However, it was still slower than the old woman at the checkout, so I sulked off and left it.

Jo gets up, logs onto the web, it's fine. And is still fine.

No, she did not fix it. Clearly my fiddling, disconnecting and reconnecting did the trick - Jo just happened to notice it was working.

Stupid Telewest/Virgin whoever they are...

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2 Responses to “Arse & Dammit”

Nancy Jensen said...

Jo fixed it. Deal with that fact and get on with life. :-P

Oh yeah, I posted an update especially for you!

Laney said...

Our connection has been misbehaving too, the only difference is I haven't got a man called Dan to 'try' and fix it.