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So here's something new to get me out of Silent Mode; tips and tricks for looking after the house... Interesting, in that A) I'm a bloke, and B) I'm the worlds most chaotic-but-organised person I know. I'm not sure what I do that is considered tip-worthy, but none the less, I shall endeavour to aid the world where I can.

Which is to say, if you copy any of my tips and something goes "a bit pear-shaped" then I don't hold me to blame. More fool you for doing something *I* suggested. I mean, honestly, if I said "put your head in the oven" would you do it?!

As usual, I tag everyone to do it; share your household management tips and tricks with the world!

Chicken Roasting
When roasting a chicken, cook it on it's breast with a little water in the pan. When it has 20-30 minutes to go, turn it onto it's back. This let's the breast get really moist and tasty. Also if you're a lardy like me, baste the whole bird in melted butter.

Pet Hair
If you've got a pet with short wiry hair that the vacuum cleaner won't pick up, put on a pair of washing up gloves (marigolds) and brush the carpet with them. This should get most, if not all the hairs up. It also works on clothing too.

I use toothpaste to get crayon and felt-pen off walls, as well as cup-rings/stains on woodwork. Keep a toothbrush or too as well for cleaning the cooker around the burners.

Bath Cleaning
For those that do messy jobs, have a bath and leave stains, get a can of Mr Muscle oven cleaner (or whatever the brand is) and spray it on. Leave it for half an hour or so, rinse clean, job done. Just remember the fumes eh ;)

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2 Responses to “Tagged: Household Management”

Phoenix said...

Use hairspray to get off felt tip off hands that wont budge and any other surface that doesn't peel i.e painted surface (tables)

Posh Totty said...

Mmmm you are making me crave roast chicken now hehe!!