Dear Mr Alcoholic

You were nice enough in the shop,heaven knows it makes a nice change to have someone chat to you about random things. Granted, you were only making small talk to pass the time, but you seemed like a nice enough chap.

But I ask this. Did life get so bad that you were waiting for you money in order to spend it all on three bottles of cheap vodka? You're probably not even aware of the fact you reek of cheap booze, and your yellow eyes probably mean you've done too much damage to your liver by now.

What happened in your life to make you turn to the bottle? Was there no other solution?

I hope you see what you are doing to yourself, but suspect you know but don't care. I hope you pull yourself out of it before it's too late and you become another statistic for the government.

But maybe it's too late already...

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3 Responses to “Dear Mr Alcoholic”

Posh Totty said...

Well, ok, that was very random ???

Mark said...

Hmm, r u saying something Dan the man, need some dosh for a bottle mate? if so give me a shout I'm sure I can sort one for you.

Dan said...

Random yes. I'm not sure what it was about him. This was a couple of days ago and for some reason he just stuck in my head.

And don't worry Mark, I don't think i could drink that much that early in the morning... Well, not every day anyway ;)